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EP 112: Feeling Lighter (Both Physically and Emotionally) with Lindsay


This episode is about acknowledging successes and how releasing emotional weight can help release physical weight. Today’s caller, Lindsay, is continuing on her course to personal mastery but she feels stuck when it comes to her health and wellness.

If you are wondering why is it so hard to implement personal growth efforts, it’s because neural pathways are created over time, especially when you have been doing things the same way for years. Simply being aware of something doesn’t create change. Growth is a process, not an event.

And growth is part of being human. There is always more growing to do and with the right tools the easier it becomes. We have to stop approaching growth as a fix-it, self-improvement, ‘something is wrong with me’ project. It’s important to celebrate how much growth you have experienced and how far you’ve come towards personal mastery.

If you need emotional release, do the Temper Tantrum exercise in Expectation Hangover. As you work through the emotional residue you will need less and less of the emotional release work but It takes more than one time to deal with suppressed emotions.

Practice is the key to transformation.

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Lindsay’s Question:

Lindsay has been successful in shifting many parts of her life but is still struggling with health and weight issues.

Lindsay’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has shifted her relationship with herself.
  • She is on a strict food diet.
  • She has taken my Personal Mastery course.
  • She has an emotional relationship with junk food.
  • Her parent’s divorce may still be affecting her.
  • She feels not worthy.
  • She is going to get off the diet treadmill and get healthy.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should find a holistic nutritionist and learn what her body needs.
  • She should write an apology and a thank you letter to her body.
  • She should choose to be worthy.



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P.S. Did you catch my podcast this week? I coach Doreen on overcoming blocks to being abundant when it comes to her career and finances.  Go here to listen.