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New Year, be YOU!

What will 2016 be for you? Will it be . . .

The year where you start really living the life of your dreams?

The year you feel on purpose?

The year where you finally do that thing you have always wanted to do?

The year you create relationship, career, body, and abundance you desire?

The year when you step fully into who YOU are?


No more excuses. No more playing small. No more waiting for permission.  No apologies. No excuses.

This is your year. NOW is your time.

It is time to be the fullest, realest, biggest, brightest, fullest expression of YOU!!!

In January of 2016 Christine will be taking 16 women to a magical resort in Tulum, Mexico for a life-changing retreat.  This transformational experience is right for you if . . .

  • You are a feeling a call for change. Something inside of you feels unsettled, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled. (Nothing may feel terribly wrong, but something does not quite feel right . . you know there is more, but not certain what exactly it is or how to get it).
  • You are ready for the kind of romantic relationship you always dreamed about. Whether you are single or want to improve your current relationship, you long to fall totally in love with your love life. (As much as you working on “loving yourself” your heart is broken, hurting, longing, or bursting with love to share but no one to share it with).
  •  You have a heartfelt dream or goal. There is a longing inside of you, a thirst that has not yet been quenched. (You have set goals and taken steps toward them, yet you still feel stuck or things still are still not manifesting and it is frustrating).
  • You are at a crossroads or have recently been through a major change and are looking to the future with questions. (Rationally you know that on the other side of a breakdown is a breakthrough but would like to get to the breakthrough part faster). 
  • You are on a path of personal growth. You feel the consciousness of the planet shifting. You are waking up. You are a lightworker. (But sometimes you see yourself getting in your own way and are experiencing a deep longing to live into your fullest potential). 
  • You enjoy experiences that call you forward to be authentic, challenge you to be vulnerable and take risks, connect you with other like-minded women, and delight you with beauty, laughter, and luxury. (You are realizing that although it feels more comfortable to continue doing the familiar and hiding behind excuses, you are outgrowing your comfort zone).



Tell me more…

We are in a time of profound quickening and transformation. You have come to the edge of who you have known yourself to be.  Old ways of being are not working anymore. Tulum is calling you to take a leap into the truth of who you really are and live the life you are meant to live.

It is time to stop trying to become a new version of you because there is nothing wrong with you.  You are not lost. It is time to remember who you truly are.

Come and…


  • Get away from to-do’s and distractions that perpetuate a false sense of self and disconnection from the truth of who you are
  • Take a healthy hiatus from family and friends to focus on your relationship with yourself so that all your relationships with others improve. Your kids will be okay, and even better off because you will come home a happier Mama.
  • Disconnect from your cell phone, computer, TV and media to attune to your own inner wisdom


  • Your emotional body, mind and nervous system will be soothed so that deep healing is possible and you can finally let go of pain you have been carrying around for years
  • Clear old patterns, judgments, memories and stories that no longer tell the true story of who you are
  • Liberate yourself from expectations and free yourself from expectation hangovers to clear the path for your dreams to unfold with grace


  • Begin each day with a yoga practice followed by guided mediation to connect deeply to your body, your inner wisdom, and the Divine
  • Enjoy healthy gourmet meals, a beautiful beachfront resort during the best season of the year, trip to Mayan ruins, bodywork, a Mayan mudbath and time on your own to take in the majesty of Tulum
  • Play in the purifying waters of Tulum and quench your spiritual thirst on sacred land.


  • Identify what is in your way and illuminate your blindspots so that you can clearly see your next steps
  • Move into forgiveness and acceptance so that your heart is purified, open, and available for love, vitality and abundance of all kinds
  • Attune deeply to your intuition through dream exploration, guided visualizations and quiet time on your own

Think of this retreat as a personal revolution. Come and discover your new sacred ground on the sacred ground of Tulum with me. I can’t wait to have my toes in the sand with you!

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler, life coach, spiritual counselor, author, and heartfelt fun-seeker will guide you though this retreat. She knows first hand how to overcome Expecation Hangovers and create a life that is purpose driven. She will guide you on a journey that will support you in quieting your mental chatter and identifying limiting beliefs. You will further clarify and commit to goals and visions, set impactful intentions and be listened to in a sharing, loving space . . . all while in a tropical paradise. Who says personal growth can’t be luxurious and fun?!?!


What Can I Expect From this 6-Day Retreat in Paradise? 


What Can I Expect From this 6-Day Retreat in Paradise?

Participants in Christine’s adventures report that they discover more peace, love, clarity, courage and joy through the array of experiential exercises and activities (see below for some highlights!). You will also receive individualized coaching from Christine and the intimate experience of creating a personalized intention and map for your life as you emerge from the retreat.

INDULGE yourself. INVEST in yourself. This is a VERY intimate and exclusive retreat with limited spaces available so don’t delay, your adventure begins the minute you register.


Have Questions?

What’s Included in the Retreat?


  • 6 day, 5 night stay at Shambala Petit Hotel located in Tulum, Mexico
  • Daily workshops and guided mediation
  • Individual coaching and personalized work around your intention
  • Yoga classes
  • Full use of the facilities and bicycles
  • A detoxifying group Mayan clay treatment on the beach
  • Swimming, lounging, hiking, and enjoying the breath-taking nature surrounding you
  • Healthy gourmet food, freshly prepared by your private chef everyday
  • Time to yourself to disconnect from your busy mind and to-do lists, and reconnect to YOU
  • Airport transportation from Cancun (included if you arrive during certain times or you can get a private transfer for extra cost)



We have limited spacing. Please email Jill@christinehassler.com for specific details on pricing and reservations.

What is the investment?
Email Jill@christinehassler.com to learn more. (All coaching, adventures and evening activities listed above are included. Airfare and ground transport not included).

Are payment options available?
If you register by Nov. 1st, you’ll be eligible for the 3-pay option, which allows you to make monthly payments. Because the retreat is limited spacing, once you make your reservation, you are committed to paying for the retreat in full. This special payment option is here to make it easier for you to budget. Email Jill@christinehassler.com to learn more.

What if I have to cancel after I book?
All bookings are final – as we mentioned space is limited. We recommend purchasing travel insurance if you need for peace of mind.

For all other questions, email Jill at Jill@christinehassler.com or call 714-924-5868 – we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

What People Are Saying About the Christine’s Retreats

“If you have struggled with something within any relationship (but most definitely your intimate one) give yourself this gift, you and your important others will be glad you did.” -Brooke

“It was so special to me.  I went with an open mind and heart, and they were both so safe there, treated so preciously, and loved so totally.  The yoga on the beach, meditating, lovely fresh meals, best coaching, and careful concern of every detail so that I don’t have to worry about anything but taking it all in was so amazing.  I thought the trip sounded special, but I was never really thinking I’d go for sure.  A heart yes and a head no, I was told.  Some steps synchronistically led to my head agreeing to a ‘yes’ as well, and I just am so grateful for it.” – Alex

I was finally able to put the rest of the world aside and focus solely on me. My mind and body felt at ease and at peace, read for what’s next and opening my heart to love. This retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. -Dana 

This retreat is not about how to figure out or fix your relationship with a man / partner.  That is just the result.  The real love you find is the love of yourself. and the importance of self-love in all aspects of your life. – Kristen

“It was a gift.  I never had one moment of “I’m doing this retreat for sure!” but rather followed little steps/signs gently leading me to it, and I’m so glad I listened.” – Leigh

All I feel is white light over my life now.. My shift is more clear and feminine now. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel beautiful and un-judged.” – Sarah

I feel more in touch with myself than I can ever remember being anywhere else.  It was a gift.”- Carrie

My soul breathed and was given life there.  I forgot being in that pure state, and that was worth everything.  I’d say if any part of you is yearning for the experience described and calling you – go, you’ll love it.- Holly

I have open my heart and I am grateful for the beauty that I can see in me. I can feel my emotions and I have shifted every perspective of my being.”- Hannah

This last weekend I got engaged to a kind and caring man. Before your help I truly don’t believe I would have emotionally been capable of having a healthy relationship with someone else, or even myself. I’m proud and humbled that today I can be at peace in my own skin and don’t have the burden of my past weighing me down. I have you to thank and will forever be grateful for your help.”- Lauren

It is an amazing, one-of-a kind opportunity to feel, be in and experience your true self and joyful being, without needing anything else, or having to do anything.” -Stefanie 


Gift yourself with this act of self-love.

See you in Tulum!!