• Elizabeth

    Test – did you get this?

  • http://kareneeart.com/ Karen Renee

    That was an interesting meditation. I found myself sketching under an umbrella on the beach. My best friend doubled as my back rest while they read, then took a moment to kiss my forehead when I tilted my head back to smile at them. I can’t say I’ve ever actually had that experience in real life, though the components have been there at one point or another; but that was what showed up. My essence: Creativity, Awareness, Acceptance, Peace, Healing, Love, Confidence.

    • Christine Hassler

      Beautiful Karen!!! What a powerful and sweet way to have your essence revealed. Make sure to watch Video 2 when it releases so you can learn how to apply those qualities to your vision.

  • Bella

    Thank you for this! This was fun!

    • Christine Hassler

      My pleasure Bella :)

  • Knog Knebronson

    Thank you Christine. Great subject and presentation. Regarding the secret sauce ingredient of- My own inner knowing and intuition speaks to me by: Great awareness of what is going on inside of me & around me, my inner self, and allowing myself to sit with that and contemplate just what it is – rather than just reacting to it. This inner knowledge may come to me in mindfulness meditation, in some sort of outside message, like your email regrading the secret sauce mastermind program, or just a out of the blue epiphany! My desire is to be aware of when these types of things happen, acknowledge them, know the meaning of them, and be ready to take advantage of the opportunity they present and then go for it! Thanks again, Dean

    • Christine Hassler

      Powerful insights Dean – you have a great way of expressing externally how things move through you internally. That ability to translate the unspoken to the spoken is a gift.

  • Amanda Ritchie

    Hi Christine!

    I attended your Chicago book launch event last fall at your friend’s home (I’m the one who went to Africa :) ). I’ve really appreciated the tools in Expectation Hangover, and I loved this video.

    After trying multiple unfulfilling “traditional jobs,” I’m very serious about building a business that will allow me to live more authentically and provide me the freedom and financial security to travel, spend time with loved ones, and give back meaningfully to charitable causes that I support. However, I’m struggling with defining exactly what that business would be.

    Some of my biggest stumbling blocks that you mentioned are the fear of failure/of being a fraud (partly due to negative feedback from others regarding the risks of starting a business and also due to my lack of clarity around how to connect my “essence” to a lucrative business idea that will help people). “Perfection is paralysis” also resonates with me. As a lifelong perfectionist, I tend not to take action unless I feel I have a structured approach, can follow rules, and do it right. This attitude has held me back from something as simple as starting a blog! I’m working to break free from that and look forward to the rest of the video series.

    Oh, and my vision of doing something that I love is caring for animals. I embody qualities of selflessness, compassion, joy, trust, connection, love, and nurturing. Qualities I notice in others who I aspire to be more like include determination, drive, decisiveness, courage, leadership, and confidence.

    • Christine Hassler

      Hi Amanda – YES! I remember you and so glad you enjoyed Expectation Hangover. I hear you on feeling the “call” but feeling unsure of what exactly it will be – but you are in a really great place!! You have TONS of awareness re: the blocks and the really good news is so many of them are internal and 100% possible to shift. Please continue to watch the videos and let me know as more aha’s are revealed. I sense you have more clarity than you realize……really see and step into those qualities you recognize in others.

  • Kelly Denny-Wright

    Thank you! You are wonderful… You are my “Oprah”!

    • Christine Hassler

      WOW! Now that is quite the compliment!!!

  • ArtN

    I can’t write anything profound right now as I’ve just watched your wonderful, heartfelt video. I felt your passion several times during the video and it really moved me. I love witnessing people doing what they are passionate about. I could watch Tony Robbins for hours and you have a gentler but equally compelling secret sauce.

    I had my a** handed to me the last couple years as my family was shattered, kids thrown into emotional turmoil and facing the daunting prospect of starting completely over. As I listened to you, I kept thinking of my two boys and how fortunate it is that they have such a strong and dedicated father. Not sure where that strength and sense of purpose came from but I need to disregard the pain and take the time to look at it closer.

    I’m on my own journey now but not leaving those I love behind. It’s a weird balance but one that you can find if you search deeply inside yourself.

    I really felt something in your video. Weird connections form inside me from time to time when I’m around certain people, sometimes when I’m not even looking. I felt it.

    Looking forward to #2.

    • Christine Hassler

      I’m so moved by your words, Art and I acknowledge you for your awareness and your ability to see how you can be a role model for your boys. Blessings, Christine

  • Tal

    Thank you for this video, Christine! I’ve been struggling with defining myself for a while now, and your exercises for finding your essence gave me a chance to approach looking at myself differently. I see now that I want to feel more expressive, free, creative, fun, joyous, powerful, classy, feminine – these are what I feel when working on art (what I thought of in your first exercise) and what I saw in someone that I look up to.

    At the same time, I’m currently trying to find work that will satisfy my soul, and so I’m hoping to find something that allows me to feel at least a few of these things. When I look at that list of words I see why I left my previous job, because it mainly made me feel quite the opposite! My question for you would be how to go about this search using what we learn from examining the different aspects of our Secret Sauce?

    • Christine Hassler

      Hi Tal – great awareness and question. My recommendation is to really BECOME those qualities – live them in every way today. For example, as you run errands, interact with people, sit down at your computer, etc – get yourself into the those feelings of expressive, free, creative, fun, joyous, powerful, classy, feminine. The more you radiate and embody them now, the more you will attract the opportunities. Also, the more your intuition will lead you to the kind of insights you are craving.

      And a job can’t “make” us feel anyway – we allow it AND there are certain jobs (like your last one) that are not a resonance.

      I also encourage you to apply for the Secret Sauce Mastermind – this is exactly what we learn how to do.

  • Carolina Massie

    Ha! What a great video! THANK YOU. I found the exercise reinforced my growing awareness of my authentic self. I love the idea of “positive projection,” turning around that “negative” envy and really seeing those qualities in yourself. I feel more connected to the form of myself as a charismatic, succesful, loved artist (what I struggle to own), I am more ready to STEP IN to my essence!

    • Christine Hassler

      YES Carolina, love it!!! Own it!

  • christine

    Thank you for putting so much effort and thoughtfulness into this video! You covered a lot of ground. Loved the part about form and essence! So true – the form evolves but you must honor and recognize the qualities! -Chrsitine (great name!!)

    • Christine Hassler

      My pleasure and you are right, great name!

  • Jennifer Emerson

    This was a great first step! I can’t wait to share this with the ladies I work with daily! This was entertaining, focused and I’m left feeling empowered…and a bit kinder to myself.
    Thank you Christine. I look forward to the rest of your series and also possibly attending one of your group sessions. :)

    • Christine Hassler

      Awesome Jennifer! And keep being kind to yourself!

  • Jenna Showers

    Thank you Chrstine! This was a really great exercise and I appreciate you putting this together to share with us!

  • http://eatingrd.com/ Kristen

    This is great! I’m working on a new career path and stepping into my confidence and essence. I tend to put myself down and make myself invisible which directly relates to my external environment so I’m working on that with awareness and love :) Thank you for all your work and podcasts. I can hardly wait to listen to them to use in my own growth and helping others.

    • Christine Hassler

      My pleasure Kristen!!!!!!!! I really support you in BUILDING YOURSELF UP and turning down the voice of that inner critic. The kinder you are to yourself and the more you celebrate your gifts, the more you will be able to help others. Love, Christine

  • Vijayameenakshi Inthulan

    Loved it!Never thought about positive projection.Exploring the world with new ways of thinking and action rather spinning the wheel of negativity and guilt .Thanks a lot Christine

  • http://www.christinehassler.com/ Christine Hassler

    My pleasure!! So glad this approach spoke to you.

  • Dangaleo Rusdeles

    thanks for posting, ok watched the whole video before commenting, I was tempted to comment before but didnt. Anyways I dont feel right about not asking you for anything so felt like really not connecting. I will say I only need people to post flyers at college campus, bus stops, gym, etc. It would really help my business Im doing something unique and very different but if successful anyone could help me. I could even ask my gaming friends for help I mean all they have to do is put flyers everywhere. Also for every person that helps me post flyers thats like having 1 extra job. If I have 20 people helping me would be like having 20 jobs not to mention you would feel people actually support you… I usually dont say it but if people are going to act like having a job is the best thing, well I dont care if people have a job but is not for me and being pushed to do it just gets me upset (I have my own life that I want to live not other people’s life) so sorry for the short venting but felt like I had to. Felt like writing something else but dont know..

    Honestly this can be done in real life just most wouldn’t want to use credit card and spend $20, but if charge them $5 im sure they would be more fine with it and ask them for a gift card least I know how to set it up while others have no clue on it..

    I will address some of the things you mentioned figured if I publicly write it others will realize the same thing. What im dealing with is societal rejection these are the things I like doing but so much tension is in it like if you do this it will completely ruin your life but I know is not true thats what I struggle with.

    Anyones was listening to music on youtube like always than noticed an old show that I wasnt really attracted to an anime. Just so people know when I was young I used to wake up 6 am in the morning and watch random anime had no clue why we didnt have internet at that time or wasnt affordable so lived my childhood that way. I dont know but I watched the movie first I think and some of the characters struck me hard they all had same interests as me (no joke here..) Than I started to watch more things about it. The anime is kind of boring because complicated story but I feel like I can really connect with the characters. When I saw their new movie it struck me hard because the characters were grown up and still matched what I loved doing, felt like I was taking a look at myself in the future. There was one character that I could really relate to though. He had a wolf as a companion and in my family we used to always have dogs. He plays in the band and in college I wanted to do the exact same thing but didnt.. He was always the person in charge of friendship and for me personally I was always that person that had to get myself together no one cared. I just researched something on it. Anyways the anime im talking about is digimon not pokemon. I did some research and found out something that pokemon was just for escapism while digimon was to represent people’s real life problems that happens everyday felt like could really connect with it. Maybe embarassing to admit it but is better to If I dont say anything Ill complain about it later, well thats what someone said while watching the movie and is kind of true I have alot to say but hold myself back and become depressed…

    my skills I felt like I was inadequate because learned everything from google and not university but I feel if I market or use those skills to market it will slowly fade away that doubt at least Im willing to put myself out there lots of people are self conscious and always make excuses on how everything is so hard. Sometimes you dont have to try to market especially when no other company is there but you know people are looking for it that way not have to compete with anyone at all. I put no effort into making my videos with the description, title, tags, etc. only effort was recording it and that was it maybe piece it together using a video editor if it was really needed. Anyways lots of people really appreciate it because I was the only one that had videos on anything about it. Does feel good how I wasnt scared to take a stand even though no one else tried to advertise the game..

    even if im gaming I mostly code while I play the game. Most of the time I just socialize in game. I dont play games to escape my life just play it to help me deal with real-life problems and from it maybe find my “purpose” well it already happened just something I cant explain but well going in the right direction at least.

    I like taking photos and making it into an ebook but I feel is not good enough mainly because theres not enough text in it. I mean I love doing it though, is more like a picture book. Also writing to much can make you crazy because you feel no one is listening.

    That person though I usually dont get upset at people but when they throw away their childhood just to become successful thats like throwing away who you are just to be successful well Im not going to live that life and I KNOW I dont have to. There was a lot of rejection I bascially knew what to do but due to outside pressures and scared of being rejected I held myself back but I feel like I dont have to anymore Ill fight hard and if I have no one is fine Ill keep fighting. I dont think I will ever be alone anymore just dont feel that way.

    if you want can tackle more of the “6 things” that I missed. I tried to write based on what remember from the video but is all I remember just felt like commenting informally. Just like followup.