The Unsexy Part of A Leap of Faith

Take a Leap of Faith!! That sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it?

Leaps of faith are alluring because we are leaping out of something that isn’t in alignment with our desires and into something that is. However what we are truly leaping into is the unknown. And when we are standing on the edge of a cliff facing uncertainty, a leap of faith suddenly becomes a lot scarier.

You hear inspirational stories of people who took great leaps of faith and by the time we hear their story, they usually have landed somewhere with greater passion, purpose and prosperity. This makes for a great advertisement for leaping into the unknown, but doesn’t tell the whole story. You may have taken a leap of faith and expected that once you leapt, a fluffy white cloud would be there to catch you or you’d land softly on a beautiful ledge full of everything you want. If that happened, fantastic! But chances are you are in the unsexy and rather scary part of taking a leap of faith: the FREE FALL.

Every leap of faith comes with a free fall period. The free fall can last for days, months, even years. And it is the unsexy part of a leap of faith because you have leapt into uncertainty; you do not know where or when you will land. Your ego will begin to panic and search for some kind of certainty to grab onto. It’s a time when everything around you may feel chaotic. A lot of fear may come up and you may even question your choice to take the leap.

So how can you avoid freaking out during the free fall? Here are some things to keep in mind:

The free fall period IS the time when faith is truly developed. Faith is not developed in times of certainty but rather in the vast sea of the unknown. Many people confuse having faith with being right. For instance, if you take a leap of faith and everything goes according to your plan or fantasy then you think, “Whew, I was really right about taking that leap.” That is not faith…that is simply your ego feeling proud of itself. Faith is not based on results. Faith is the experience of being able to totally be at peace with the “what is” and trust the Universe even if the white cloud or ledge isn’t in sight.

Don’t look down. If you have ever been somewhere super high up you probably felt a lot calmer if you didn’t look down. Imagining worst-case scenarios during a free fall is like looking down. A free fall is scary enough because you are spiraling through uncertainty; don’t make it worse with a lot of “what if’s” followed by negative statements.

Don’t look up/behind you. Avoid going into regret. During a free fall it is natural to question the choice you made to leap but it will only lengthen the time of your free fall. Regret is pointless. You made the choice and took the leap. Trust yourself. There is no turning back and that is good news. Stay present. Look at what’s in front of you. There is a lot of learning to do when leaping and if you are looking down or up, you’ll miss the lessons.

True transformation occurs in the free fall. I invite you to reframe the free fall period of leap of faith. What if i nstead of experiencing it as scary, you could experience it as totally transformational? In order for any change to occur, there is a period of chaos. Chaos isn’t bad; it is actually rich with so many opportunities to rewire you belief systems and patterns of behavior. Remember, Faith is NOT developing when life is going according to your plan.

The Universe is your parachute. No matter what is happening, know that you will be – and are – okay. Even if you feel like you hit rock bottom . . . even if you feel like your free fall period is lasting longer than you’d like . . . and even if things aren’t turning out like you planned. I assure you that the Universe is supporting you. All you need to do is be willing to pull the ripcord of surrender.

It is not necessary to struggle during a free fall. It can be a beautiful time of deepening your connection to Spirit. Stop fighting. Stop doubting. Stop panicking. Stop questioning. Start surrendering. Start accepting what is. Start enjoying the excitement of uncertainty. Start trusting. And start today. Take a leap of faith…and enjoy the ride.

With love,


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