Did you get a Do-Over?

“Oh no, not this again?!?”

That’s the thought we have when we find ourselves facing something (again) that we thought was behind us.  After we get through a situation or feeling we experience relief.  We had a big “aha” so much to the extent that we feel transformed.  So it can be frustrating when the Universe delivers a situation that feels very similar (if not identical) to past experiences we thought we had already worked through.  Wait, isn’t working on ourselves and extracting our lessons supposed to relieve us from having to go through the same thing over and over again?

Not necessarily.  Sometimes you get a do-over.

Often we effectively move through a situation with complete confidence that we learned what we needed to learn so that we can prevent the same kind of thing from ever happening in the future.  That may be accurate; you may have learned the lesson and now the Universe is bringing you an amazing opportunity to practice the learning so that you can fully integrate it.

One of the most powerful ways to heal and break a pattern is when we are experiencing it.  Hindsight delivers great “aha” moments but it often takes actually being in the kind of moments that trigger us for transformation to occur. Let me give you an example. I have a client who dream is to make a living as a professional dancer. In our sessions, she would do amazing work on building her confidence and clearing limiting beliefs around her worth and abilities; yet, each time she would get close to landing a great gig, a roadblock would appear. She’d get injured, sick, or something would go wrong with her house that needed her attention.  She experienced great sadness and made it mean she was unworthy of her dreams and that the Universe was “blocking” her from being a dancer.

This was not the case. The truth is the Universe was giving her a do-over.  Her entire life she had related to adversity from the perspective of a victim. Instead of being kind to herself, reframing her beliefs and moving through them with acceptance, she allowed things in her external environment to dictate her inner experience.  So in the most recent roadblock scenario, she responded differently. Rather than going into victimhood, she embraced the circumstances, went through them lovingly, stepped into her worth, forgave herself for buying into the misunderstanding she was being “blocked”, and continued to move forward in the direction of her dream. She did all this while she was “in” the experience she had previously related to as a roadblock. . . and she booked her next gig.

When you get a do-over, it does not mean you are being tested – the Universe doesn’t test us.  It does not mean you did something wrong. In fact it doesn’t really mean anything. It is simply an opportunity to practice what you have learned. Talking about how to shift an experience is a dress rehearsal, actually being in the experience and shifting your inner and outer response is the performance!

Do-over’s are actually awesome doorways for spiritual transformation. Why? Because it means your soul is truly ready to release a pattern. Welcome your do-over’s and do things differently!




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