Last week my update was about being who you are and WOW did I get a chance to practice what I was preaching! This is often the case. One of the things I love most about my work is that I am consistently called forward, which is challenging in the best kind of way.

In today’s vlog, I vulnerably share about the temporary amnesia and a bout of not-enoughness-thinking I had after a meeting with a manager who questioned the size of my platform based on twitter followers and facebook fans on Christine Hassler. “For as long as you’ve been doing this, you should have more. Why don’t you?” Ouch

His intentions were good but I still watched myself go into a downward spiral of “I’m not doing enough” thinking. Thank God for a call with a circle of grilfriends who reminded me that it is not the number of tweets or likes but the depth of the work I do and the place inside I do it from that truly matters.

I am grateful for the reminder of how painful it is to forget who we are and what matters, especially when there are endless opportunities to slip into comparison commas.

In the vlog, I share more about how sometimes this field feels like a popularity contest and open up about the confusion that can come with that. I welcome your comments and would love to know if you can relate, so please head over to the blog and talk with me.

Thank YOU for welcoming me into your inbox each week. I love being authentic and vulnerable with you, it feels soooooo good (and much better than attempting to be a “brand”). I am also grateful for things like Facebook and twitter and the people I get to connect with – like you!

Much love to you all – may your day be filled with a knowing of who you are and always, always, ALWAYS remember: YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.


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