How to feel safe even when you are scared

Life comes with some scary moments. Sometimes we create fear with our thoughts and can move out of feeling scared when we change how and what we are thinking. Other time things happen that are just downright scary. How do we feel safe then?

This is a question I have been answering inside myself after I had a big scare last week. As I was getting ready for bed, I heard a helicopter hovering above my house. At first it didn’t grab my attention since l live in LA and it is not a strange sound to hear. However it kept hovering, which was strange at 9:30pm. And then I saw a police spotlight right outside my window. That got my attention so I went to my front window and saw two cop cars in my driveway, three across the street and about 12 policeman. Something was definitely wrong. I share the full story in today’s vlog.

After talking to the police, I learned there was a home invasion at the house directly across the street from me. Burglars came in, tied the people up, held them at gunpoint and robbed them. When the policeman told me this (as I was standing in my PJ’s covered by sweatpants with my face cream on), my stomach dropped. I felt everything contract in my body and I felt really, really scared.

Of course I felt scared! Honestly I do not know who wouldn’t in that situation. I walked back in my house and double checked all my windows and doors to make sure they were locked. A bit panicked, I did not really know what to do with myself. Go to a friend’s house? Have someone come over? Keep peering out my window hoping I’d see something that would put me at ease?

Then I realized: there was what happened and then there was my choice of how to respond to it. I was perpetuating the fear I felt by continuing to think fear-based thoughts. I will not even share the images I dreamed up in my head because they were not pretty.

I needed to do something. Something that would make me feel safe even when I was scared. So I sat down to pray. I asked Spirit to help soothe my fear. I asked that my home was surrounded by Light and protected. I send Light to my neighbors, the police and the people who committed the crime.

As I focused more and more on love rather than fear, I started to feel safe again. My panicked mind became more peaceful and I was able to hear my intuition say, “No one is after you, you are safe.” I was able to feel safe inside even though the outside was scary.

How do you feel safe even when things feel scary?

First realize that true safety resides inside. We live in what can be a scary, some may even say dangerous world so we tend to project our safety and security on external things. In any situation where we feel unsafe, we look for something or someone to cling to so that we can feel safe again. But safety truly comes from our connection to Spirit. We feel true safety when we choose love not fear and trust we are always safe on a spiritual level no matter what happens @christinhassler (Tweet this!)

That said, I am reminded of the Rumi quote :“Trust God But Tie Your Camel.

In other words be mindful of the world around you. For instance, I made absolutely sure my doors and windows were locked and I had both my cell phone and landline by my bed. I also have taken some extra security precautions around and in my house.

It takes both practical and spiritual smarts to conquer fear. The next time you feel scared, can you create safety by moving out of fear and into love? Will you do what you can on the physical level and find peaceful protection on the spiritual level?

Remember, you are safe. You are loved. You are being guided and cared for.

I know this may be a concept that can be challenging to grasp on the mental level so please head over to the blog and leave your comments and questions.



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