Bali Bound! Hear from a woman whose YES changed her life

For years friends and people in my community have been asking me to plan a retreat to Bali. Plus, I’ve been four times myself and know the magic that happens there. So I am THRILLED to share that I will be hosting a spiritual adventure retreat in Bali this September. It will be full of magic, beauty, healing, and fun. It is filling up fast so I wanted to let you know about it ASAP.

And instead of me telling you about the retreat, I asked one of my past retreat participants to be a guest blogger today and share about her experience.

Hi, I’m Connie. And I used to be angry, full of self-judgment. I was also a loner and didn’t think I had much to offer the world. But now? Well, now I’m a powerful, and passionate Ambassador of Light.

So how exactly did I make this change?

Christine’s retreats.

For realskies.

Without her retreats I would’ve never learned the tools that I needed to change my life. I would’ve never met some amazing and awesome women that inspired me to get my head out of my you-know-what and do something about my life. I would’ve never found my purpose in life. And I would’ve robbed all of the wonderful people that I’ve helped from having their own transformation.

I am no more special than YOU are. In fact, there’s a good chance I’ve hit all the rocks underneath YOUR rock bottom. So if I, a woman who is no more special than you are can have a complete and total life transformation…HELLSSSSS YEAHHHH you can too!!!

Let’s rewind a bit…

I’ve attended two of Christine’s retreats and will be attending a third this year. That right off the bat tells you how amazing these retreats are. If they didn’t work or weren’t worth it, I wouldn’t keep investing and going back!

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I’ve had the same financial concerns as everyone else. Keyword, “had”. Thanks to the work I’ve done at Christine’s retreats, I don’t have the same stresses and anxiety over money anymore, which is AWESOME and PRICELESS. Because being free of that lack money mindset has allowed me to bring in MORE money than ever.

My first retreat with Christine was out of desperation. Everything in my life was going to the crapper. My marriage was falling apart, I hated my job, I hadn’t dealt with the trauma I experienced due to a decade plus of child abuse, and I was self-medicating with narcotics. I could barely get out of bed in the morning and couldn’t wait to go to bed at night.

Since early childhood I used books to escape my crappy life. One day it was Christine’s book that I happened to escape into. Her words hit me hard. My heart and soul were full of darkness, but when I read her words, they were like this bright, shiny beam of light that pierced the darkness and gave me…hope.

Enough hope to fuel me to get on a plane, fly across the country and attend her retreats.

And I haven’t looked back since.

I’ll admit that when I first arrived all kinds of fear-based thoughts of doubt came up, “Will this work? Do I really belong here? Do I really trust this process? How can I get out of here?!?”

Once I allowed myself to become open-minded to the possibility that the tools I would learn could help me, once again, her shiny beam of light pierced through my darkness and the transformation began. I started having those “ah-ha” moments, or as I say, those “holy sh*t” moments, where you finally see the block that has been holding you back, or when you finally release a limiting belief and you feel all this love and peace just fill your heart.

It sounds cheesy…. but it’s freaking AWESOME. It’s a beautiful thing to flow with life, instead of working against the current.

One of my favorite things about Christine’s retreat is the people I’ve met. Going in, I’m always like, “I hope I get a good roommate, I wonder what the girls will be like, maybe I should get my own room so I don’t have to deal with anyone…” and even though we start off as strangers full of trepidation and sizing each other up, during the retreat we discover how alike we are, and how much stronger we are when we support and raise each other up.

Some of my closest friends are women that I have met at the retreats. We’re so close that they even help me celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We’re so close that when I’m in traveling to their part of the country, I don’t pay for a hotel; I stay with them and their family. Not only have we kept in touch, we have become soul friends and family.

As fun and as life changing these retreats are, I’ll admit, it’s completely terrifying at first. You don’t know what you’re getting into, who all these women are, what kind of whoo whoo hippie stuff you’ll be made to do, how you’re going to pay for it all, how you’re going to find the time to take off, and just complete and total anxiety over the whole thing.

I feel you. I know because I’ve been there too.

I can only tell you that it’s been worth it. It’s been worth every effort I’ve had to put in, in order to make attending her retreat a reality.

I’m a better wife, mom, leader, and lightworker because of it. I wouldn’t lead a life now full of health, wealth, happiness and love, had I not honored my intuition to get on that plane and attend Christine’s retreats.

If you’re wondering if attending a retreat is the right move for you or not, I’ll make it simple for you… If you have even the slightest desire to go, then it’s the right move for you. It doesn’t matter whatever fears you have going on, I encourage you to be courageous. To feel the fear and do it anyways. There’s a breakthrough waiting for you on the other side.

Connie’s experience is not unique to her. I am consistently moved to tears of gratitude when I see the transformation that each retreat participant has. I know that what will happen in Bali will be off the charts amazing. The energy there is magical and the women who have already signed up are extraordinary.

Come for healing. Come for play. Come for relaxation. Come to take yourself to the next level. Where ever you are in your journey, whatever you long for is available to you in Bali. Click here to check out more deets.

If your intuition is nudging you right now, I encourage you to email jill@christinehassler.com NOW to apply.




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