Coaches Corner: Jason Nazar : Lessons learned from a super successful entrepreneur

podcast img newListen in for a candid conversation about what it takes to be build a business, create a community and take action on a vision with Jason Nazar.

Jason is an active tech entrepreneur, investor, & writer & the CEO of Comparably, the online platform to understand workplace compensation & culture. Before Comparably, Jason founded Docstoc, the largest content site to help small business. Over 7 years Docstoc was one of the most visited websites in the world and grew to over 50 million members, before it was acquired by Intuit in 2013. Jason also created & hosts Startups Uncensored, the longest running and most widely attended technology gathering in SoCal. Jason received his JD/MBA from Pepperdine University & BA from UCSB where he was the student body president of both universities. He is currently serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence for the City of Los Angeles, appointed by Mayor Garcetti. He’s a frequent and popular writer on Forbes, Wall Street Journal & Business Insider. Jason currently serves on the board of Carelinx, Collab Studios, & Flo.

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