Oh my goodness – this is such an exciting email to write you….

First I have goosebumps all over because this week marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my Over It & On With It podcast.  It has been such an incredible journey to co-create this show where so much healing and transformation happens!!  Thank you to all of you who listen and who have been courageous guests on the show.

In the introduction of this week’s episode, I talk more about some of the profound experiences I have had as a result of doing this show each week. Go here to listen.

I also share about one of my favorite things: cultivating a relationship with a Higher Power (whatever that means to you).  For most of my life I longed to feel a spiritual connection but struggled to feel it and truly have faith.  So if you can relate to that or long to deepen your spiritual practice, I’ve got ya!

You will also hear me coach Toni who really wants to be free of procrastination, people pleasing, and fear of failure.  But the core issue that is underneath the self-sabotaging behavior is a disconnection from any kind of Higher Power.

It is never my intention to impose any kind of spiritual or religious beliefs on you.  It is my intention to share my experience and here is what I have known to be true in my own life…

The connection to any kind of Higher Power (even nature) brings more peace and presence into our life. It helps us feel not alone. It reminds us of the oneness we all share.

So if you are skeptical or if you have had some experiences that seriously make you question how any kind of God could exist, I encourage you to listen in to my coaching session with Toni.

If you are craving a deeper spiritual connection, take a leap of faith…please do not wait for the Divine to ‘prove’ itself to you. ((Tweet This!!))  Instead open your heart. Pray to be shown the way.


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