EP 76: Getting Over a Painful Past with Jane

EP76v1This episode is about becoming getting over your past and becoming connected to your heart. Today’s caller, Jane is still impacted by a traumatic childhood. She would like to move past it and find someone to share her feelings with.

I acknowledge Jane for her courage and her vulnerability. Just calling in is a testament to how far she has come. It’s true that when we are ready, we are guided toward our resources and teachers to help us heal.

Jane said she felt anxious. For many people, anxiousness comes from having a chaotic childhood, not having structure, or having too much structure. If it’s true for you, don’t make yourself wrong, but also don’t use your past as an excuse to either be a rebel, or to feel like you can’t parent yourself or add structure to your life. You can.

Our hearts are an intuitive voice of wisdom, guidance and reassurance. In our logical, mind-based world it is often easier to think than to feel, but emotional processing and healing cannot be done in our heads. People tend to be able to process and release emotions through writing. If you have been repressing your emotions, or distracting or numbing yourself, try writing down your feelings to help you hear your heart.

Remember strength is not pushing through something. Strength is vulnerability. To truly live into our potential, we must connect to our hearts.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Is there something from your past that is creating problems in your present? Are you frustrated, and believe you should be over it by now?
  • Do you deal with rushing around, running late, and feel like you are not meeting your deadlines?
  • Would you like to be able to feel and connect to listening to your heart?

Jane’s Question:

Jane would like to finally like to move past her traumatic childhood.

Jane’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She recognizes how strong she had to be, to get through her childhood.
  • She has a lot of anger and sadness.
  • She has felt alone for a large part of her life.
  • She appreciates her ability to keep trying.
  • She welcomes people in her life to share her feelings and to be honest with.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should practice more release writing.
  • She should get Expectation Hangover and perform the Temper Tantrum technique.
  • She should find a professional to help her process her feelings.
  • She should tell the universe she is ready for her guides to come forward.
  • She should find a place to volunteer with children.
  • She should say 3 loving things to herself about herself.


  • Practice release writing. I teach you how to do it in Expectation Hangover.
  • In your spiritual practice, pray for your spirits, guides, healers, or coaches to come forward in a physical human form.
  • If you are processing pain from your childhood, volunteer with children or animals to feel unconditional love.


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