Join me in Bali for my next retreat

Do any of the following apply to you:

  • You have been working really hard and want a vacation to reset and reconnect to you.
  • You are at a crossroads in your life and are seeking clarity and direction about what your purpose is.
  • You are critical of yourself, especially your body, and crave freedom from incessant self-judgment.
  • You suffer from perfectionism, comparison, and anxiety.
  • You are seeking tools to deal with undesirable thoughts and emotions that actually create lasting change.
  • You desire a deeper connection to a Higher Power, want to get out of living in your head so much.
  • You are craving connection with like-minded women and hanging out with soul sisters in Bali sounds pretty awesome.
  • You love travel, delicious food, learning new things, and beautiful resorts.

If any of the above describes you, then I have a special invitation for you to join me for a Spiritual Adventure Retreat in Bali (and sorry guys, this one is for the ladies). This retreat is already half full so if your intuition is whispering, “Go to Bali” I encourage you to listen!!

bali video christine hassler

Miracles happen on this retreat.  The spiritual energy in Ubud where the retreat is located is incredibly powerful and spiritual.

Here are just some of the things that happened in the lives of the women who came on the retreats in the past: Left jobs they did not like and landed new ones, started their own business, transformed their health, healed decades-long issues with family members, created amazing new friendships, gotten engaged and married, gotten pregnant, and moved to new cities!!!

Most importantly, they learned to love themselves, let go of past hurts, and felt relieved from the expectations and pressures that were burdening them.

What miracles could happen for you? Some of the miracle-making highlights of our retreat include:

  • Daily workshops and guided meditations
  • Individual coaching, experiential exercises and personalized work around your intentions
  • Yoga and breath work classes
  • Swimming, lounging, and enjoying the breath-taking nature surrounding you
  • Traditional Bali experiences
  • Enjoying Balinese massage
  • Healthy gourmet food, freshly prepared by your private chef everyday
  • Time to yourself to disconnect from your busy mind and to-do lists, and reconnect to YOU in the comfort of our private retreat center

Go Here for More Details 

The retreat is Sept. 26th – Oct. 2nd, 2017.

It is hosted at a magical retreat center in Ubud, Bali.

  If you are waiting for a sign THIS IS IT. Seriously. Contact 
Jill@christinehassler.com ASAP

Join us! Spend six days focusing on you and only you and return home inspired, rejuvenated and reconnected.

I cannot wait to share the Spirit of Bali with you and share in the miracles that occur this year!



“It’s all coming together! I became familiar with Christine’s work last year through her podcast. The more I listened, the more I knew I needed to experience her work myself. Since this is a big birthday year for me, I thought one of her retreats would be a really meaningful way to celebrate and honor myself. When the first retreat dates of 2017 didn’t work out for me, I became a little discouraged but then the Bali retreat dates were announced and it turns out it’s so close to my actual birthday…even better! I got to work on figuring out the finances and became a little discouraged again when it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Jill has been so great along the way, helping me to realize that I could be resourceful in making this happen if I felt called to participate. She invited me to reflect on times when I pulled my resources to provide enriching opportunities for my children and reminded me that I am worthy of the same. She shared a credit card offer that she recently took advantage of herself. I sat on the idea for a week before I found the courage to pursue it, realizing I was closing the door on an amazing experience by not at least making the attempt. I was saying no to myself before anyone else could.  Not only did I qualify for the card, the limit is well over what I need to cover the cost of the retreat. I’ve figured out my budget, the balance will be paid off before the trip and I will have earned enough points to cover my flight. It’s happening…I’m going to Bali, I’m so excited and it just feels right!”- Yvonne

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