podcast img new 800 x 800Are you ready to untame your soul?? That sounds really good doesn’t it? Or maybe it doesn’t – maybe it sounds terrifying.  Either way, I have one of my best friends and soul sisters here for you on Coaches Corner to talk about it.

Meet Elizabeth Dialto.  She is the founder of Wild Soul Movement.  Her mission is to build community, curate conversations, and create content, events, and experiences that turn your relationship with yourself into one of the most wild, passionate love affairs of your lifetime.

The Wild Soul Movement™ program provides a grounded and loving practice in self-discovery designed to get all parts of you in right relationship with each other. Elizabeth’s aim is to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be while always keeping primary focus on cultivating your trust and faith in the idea that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of YOU.

We talk about what the wild soul moment is about and Elizabeth shares how she learned to love herself and her body by stripping away everything that was preventing her from seeing what already was, and she is committed to help you do the same

I am personally taking this course and am a part of the WSM, you can join me at wildsoulmovement.com/christine

And to join the Summer of Love Challenge go to christinehassler.com/love-challenge

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