Omg….I am hosting a new TV show!

I have some exciting news to share! The TV show that I was working on the past three months premieres Sunday night!

This is an opportunity that was a surprise to me. I was not actively pursuing being a coach and hosting a reality TV show; however, I have learned to be open to the unexpected invitations from the Universe!

In today’s video I share about why I decided to say yes to this show, what I learned and some insights that you can apply to your own life.

The show is called “The Spouse House” and it premieres on TLC at 10pm EST/PST and 9pm CST.  The concept of the show may seem absolutely crazy to you (believe me, it seemed crazy to me too at first!). In a daring new love experiment, seven single men and seven single women move into a house with the intent of finding their spouse and their happily ever after.

My job as the relationship coach and co-host on the show is to help them remove any obstacles that are in their way to finding and committing to lasting love.  Each week they had a coaching session with me and another one with my co-host Dr. Isaiah.  We also designed dates and activities that helped the singles get vulnerable and honest very fast.  A day of dating in the Spouse House was like two months of dating in the outside world.   Make sure to watch the video as I share more about the experience.

A few of my key take-away’s that you can apply to your own life are:

Trust your longing for something . . . it is your knowing of things to come. But let go of your attachment to the form or timing it comes in.  I have dreamt of being on TV since I was seven years old.  I even tried to be an actress as a teenager and then went after some hosting gigs in my twenties.  But it was not time. My calling was to develop my work in personal growth.  And now I get to blend the two.  So hang on to your dreams, but don’t attempt to control them.  Trust they will come true as you keep taking one step at a time

Get out of your comfort zone! Doing this show was a leap out of my comfort zone. Not only was it an entirely new kind of gig, I had to learn how to be a host. Also, all the participants on the show took a HUGE risk by coming but that is how committed they were to their dream of being married.  Regret is far worse than risk.  Take a leap toward your dreams and have the courage to be uncomfortable (Tweet this!)

Choose and commit! Being wishy-washy with your intentions or hanging out in limbo will not get you to your dreams as quickly as you desire. One of my main jobs as a coach on the show was to support people in getting what they wanted which meant calling them out when they getting in their own way.  Get out of your own way by making empowering choices.  Commitment can feel scary in the short term but delaying the manifestation of your dreams is not worth avoiding making powerful choices.

I hope you enjoy the show. I know that a lot of “reality” TV shows are not “real” but I can vouch for the integrity of this show. The entire producing team had so much integrity and never forced or scripted anything.  The intention of the show was to be hopeful, inspire love and help people achieve their dreams.

I am a stand for your dreams.  Please head over to the blog and share what you are committed to creating in your life.



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