Stop giving up on yourself

Time for some radical self-honesty . . . are you a quitter? Do you have a pattern of starting things but then not finishing them? Maybe not with everything but enough to make you question why you cannot seem to follow through.

If so, then you are going to love episode 95 of the podcast where I coach Jill on getting over her starting and stopping pattern.

This episode is such a great one for anyone who has trouble keeping momentum with things. You start things (like a book or exercise program or a meditation practice) but then you just don’t stick to it. You have a ton of enthusiasm at the beginning but then it just wears off and you find yourself quitting which you then judge yourself for – it’s a vicious cycle that just loops so it’s so important to get out of which is what I coach Jill on.

Go here to listen to episode 95

Also listen in to episode 96 where I coach Jenn on how to apply the internal shifts she has made in her life to her external world.

Ever notice how when you make changes on the inside, that your preferences and interests change? As we evolve, we do not resonate with the same things we used to. Friendships may end. Careers transform. Even the kind of food you like may shift. This can feel confusing because as you are going through the process of change, you may not know what the “new” people, things or situations are. That is normal. There is a time of uncertainty as we let go of the old.

Go here to listen to episode 96

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