If you are questioning whether a relationship or situation has reached its “expiration date” then I have some very important guidance for you:

You already know the answer.

You may feel really unsure or uncertain inside, but there is a part of you that truly knows if it is time to leave a romantic relationship, marriage, friendship or even a professional situation.

We know something is over when we really have given it our all. We have sought out the lessons. We have communicated our needs. We have shown up differently. We have taken 100% responsibility for our side of the street. We sought out to understand rather than be right. And even if we do not agree with the other’s behavior, we do not blame them.

When we reach this point, clarity is easy to find.

If clarity feels out of reach for you, then be sure not to miss episode 102 where I coach Renae who calls in stating she is unsure of whether or not to leave her marriage. As you’ll discover in the episode, she knew the answer before she calls in. This coaching session is a great example of how to guide someone (and that someone could be you!) to the answers inside.

 Go here to listen to episode 102

And . . . Attention Millennials and parents of Millennials! If you are a 20 something still living at home or dependent on your parents in some way OR if you are a parent who is still supporting your adult child financially, mentally or emotionally then episode 103 is a must listen! 
 I coach Jane whose 28 year-old daughter has failed to launch. She is living at home and dependent on her parents in far too many ways for an adult woman. They are primarily financially supporting her, they tend to her emotional needs, and they hang out as friends. Oh boy! It is time for this young woman to become a grown-up. This is a great session and Jane does a tremendous job recognizing her need to be needed is at the core of this failure to launch situation.

Go here to listen to episode 103 

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