I am thrilled to share the 100th coaching call on my podcast aired this week.  When I began this podcast a year and a half ago, I had no idea if it would be successful. I felt as if people would benefit from hearing other people be coached on air but I had no guarantees.

I had so many questions when I began. Would anyone even sign up to be coached?

Would people be willing to have such vulnerable information shared publicly? Could I help people in just 20 minutes? How the heck do I figure out how to put this together logistically? What technology will I use? What should the structure of the show be? How much will it cost?

All these questions delayed me for about eight months.  I had the idea and the desire, but my uncertainty kept slowing me down. Finally I took my own coaching advice and took one small step at a time until eventually our first episode “Overcoming Self Doubt and Fear with Anneke” was released.

What an appropriate title right? I had to get over my own doubt and fear to bring this podcast to life and I’m so glad I did because I LOVE doing it. 

And thanks to you, it has grown steadily and even has been picked up by Podcast One! None of this would be possible without YOU. Thank you for being part of my tribe. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing the show with others. Thank you to those of you who have been coached on air for showing up with so much courage.

Go here to listen to Episode 100 with Judy!

Today I encourage you to STOP allowing fear, doubt or just not having all the answers to prevent you or even delay you from taking action.  If you have an idea or creation you long to bring to life, go for it! 

Here’s the thing to keep in mind that may give you some peace of mind:  you do not have to know all the steps to the finish line to get started.  If you are working to get from A to Z, you do not need to know what step D or M or S is. Just take step A and then determine what step B is. Moving one step at a time generates momentum and the more momentum you more likely you are to reach your goal.

And don’t miss episode 100 where I coach Judy on how to find yourself when you feel isolated and lack self-esteem. Listen here.

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Thank you again for listening to Over It and On With It!! Here’s to hundreds and hundreds of more amazing and inspiring calls with my fellow growth seekers.

With love,