Take 100% responsibility for your life.  That sounds quite empowering doesn’t it?  But it also may sound rather challenging especially if you feel like you have been wronged or dealt a crappy hand of cards lately.

But the ONLY way to feel truly free in our life is to take 100% responsibility for our life.  That does not mean we have to like everything that is happening. It does mean we accept what happens and stop fighting with reality.

When we are going through any kind of expectation hangover, especially the ending of a relationship, there is often a tendency to blame the other or feel like a victim in some way. This is even more likely if we feel the other person betrayed us or wronged us in some way. 

But if we REALLY want to heal and be free after something ends, we MUST get out of blaming (others AND ourselves) or feeling like a victim. The only way we get free is if we not only forgive, but also look at what we have learned from the situation so that we do not re-create the same kind of expectation hangover in the future. 

This is exactly what I coach Mary on in episode 105 of my podcast. She is having a really challenging time letting go of an ex – she is obsessing over his new relationship and just can’t seem to get over it even in therapy. She has a powerful shift on this call and I hope you do as well from listening.

Go here to listen to episode 105 

Something my coach, Brandy, says to me often is, “Take 100% responsibility for your 50%.”  I will admit that is challenging sometimes and requires a level of accountability WITHOUT self-criticism.  I have had to learn how to take responsibility for what has happened – or hasn’t happened – in my life without regretting things or beating myself up . . . and I encourage you to do the same! 

We cannot change the past but we can learn from it and create a different present and future. (Tweet this!!)

And that is exactly what Mary, who I coach in episode 105, has the opportunity to do. 

Also be sure not to miss episode 104 where I coach Jobe.  He cannot seem to get over his ex and we discover a very surprising reason why he can’t seem to let go which has to do with his integrity. I coach him into taking a very powerful action that supports him in taking 100% responsibility. 

Go here to listen to episode 104 

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Have a beautiful day and, remember, take 100% responsibility for your life!!