With so many opportunities to see people doing extraordinary things or expressing in unique ways it can be easy to feel, well . . . ordinary.

I get the pressure to be a “Unicorn.” It seems like we are consistently encouraged to be different and stand out from the crowd in order to be seen. Those without particularly eccentric personalities can feel somewhat boring or even invisible.

But here’s the truth. NO ONE is ordinary. We are all extraordinary in our own ways and it is time we embrace this rather than try to alter or amplify ourselves to get attention or validation.

You do not need to be any different than who you are authentically. If you are questioning who you authentically are, consider that you trying too hard to be someone you are not by trying to live up to societal expectations and/or people pleasing.

In today’s vlog I encourage you to stop trying to be a unicorn and be a YOUnicorn.

Stop trying so hard. The essence of who you truly are will shine through once you get out of the way. You do this with self-acceptance and by letting go of comparison.

Express yourself in ways that feel good to you. Let go of trying to look good.

You are the ONLY one who can be you and you are exceptional at it so just do you! (tweet this!).

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