This episode is about relationships. If you are in a relationship that isn’t healthy, has reached its expiration date, or no longer serves you, this episode will help you gain clarity to your situation and emancipate you from your relationship. Today’s caller, Daniella, is finding it difficult to break free from an issue-based relationship. 

Learning to trust your intuition will help you to have relationships that are based on love and shared values. Your intuition will always know the answer but your hormones get in the way, especially in issue-based relationships.

You must separate love and lust to find the true intimacy. Love isn’t volatile and it doesn’t include lying. A healthy relationship doesn’t create anxiety or doubt.

We bring these relationships into our lives to show us a part of our life we need to heal.

Consider the difference between short-term discomfort and prolonged suffering in your life. Sometimes we need a little tough love to get us out of an unhealthy relationship so we can move to the healthy relationships and have true love inside ourselves and with another.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you in a relationship you are doubting? Have you had a recent breakup and are doubting the choice?
  • Do you tend to fall in love with potential and see more of the fantasy than the reality of who a person really is?
  • Do you tend to believe a person’s words and promises more than their actions and behaviors?
  • How is your current relationship with yourself? Are you kind, generous and loving with yourself? Do you trust yourself?

Daniella’s Question:

Daniella has trouble ending relationships even when she knows they are not healthy.

Daniella’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She felt like a misfit in high school.
  • She may be confusing love with infatuation.
  • She has low self-worth and low self-confidence.
  • She’s in an issue-based relationship.
  • She deserves better relationships.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to see her relationship for what it is.
  • She should look at what this relationship is teaching her.
  • She should write a letter to announce she is not interested in getting back together.
  • She needs to work on getting closure on her own.
  • She should look at how she loves herself and treats herself.
  • She should work through the exercises in Expectation Hangover. 

Action Steps:

  • Get honest about your relationships. Make sure someone’s words and behaviors match.
  • If you know a relationship has reached its expiration date, get closure and have boundaries.
  • Use these sentence starters to write a free-form letter you don’t intend to send:
    • Dear (name) I am saying goodbye to you because…
    • Thank you for…
    • I learned from you…
    • I forgive you for…
    • I forgive myself for…


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