This call is about a lack of connection. Adam calls in wanting to know how to deal with the stress he feels from not advancing in his work but as you will hear in the call, it’s more about him standing up for himself and asking for what he wants.

People who are raised in a strict household try to blend in because they are afraid of getting yelled at. Blending in is the safe thing to do as a child but as adults, and especially if one wants to get promoted, we need to stand out and to feel safe being seen.

Issues in our lives don’t randomly show up. A holistic approach to our physical, mental and emotional health is so important. The same with dealing with any kind of disappointment or expectation hangover. Our bodies speak to us. The body is a messenger and physical ailments can give us insight into what our emotional body — our subconscious body — is telling us.

On the emotional level, the heart, and the blood it pumps, represents love and joy and our early connections to family. People with heart problems usually have unresolved family issues that take the joy and love out of their lives. These issues might keep love and joy from entering their lives because they are afraid to let love in. Closing our heart to love is very symbolic of shutting off the flow of life to our heart.

“Affirm: I open my heart to love! My heart is now lovingly pumping joy throughout my body! All is well and I am safe.” —Mind-Body Connection Affirmation by Louise Hay

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel connected to yourself and others when it comes to your work life or life in general?
  • Are you stressed out at work but not really making any changes?
  • Are you up for a promotion or unhappy at work?
  • Are you a play-by-the-rules-don’t-ruffle-any-feathers kind of person? Can you see how it may be limiting you?

Adam’s Question:

Adam wants to know how to deal with the stress of his work after being denied a promotion.

Adam’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He’s become a loner and shares less with other people.
  • He doesn’t feel he can progress within the company he works for.
  • He was raised in a strict military-like environment.
  • He is playing out his childhood in his adult life.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • He should have a conversation with managers within his organization about how his goals align with the company’s goals.
  • He should acknowledge himself and give himself the encouragement he didn’t get as a child.

Action Steps:

  • Ask for what you want, stop playing by the rules and go for it! Think about how you were raised and how it may be impacting how you show up as an adult.
  • Be connected to yourself, to others, and to your higher power.
  • Take care of your heart. Let love in. Read Expectation Hangover, find a therapist or coach and enroll in my mastery program, which will be accepting enrollment soon.


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