This call is about is about stepping into the truth of who you are. Today’s caller, Tom, is juggling many things in his life and wants to know how to balance his relationship with his family with his obligations. But as in many of my coaching sessions, we focus on a core wound from his past that is having a big impact on all aspects of his life.

Don’t minimize the important moments in your life so much that you never process them. It can continue to impact you for the rest of your life. But don’t put too much emphasis on them so they become an excuse.

A lot of people use events from their past as an excuse for not getting what they want from life. Your past doesn’t need to determine your future. You don’t need to continue to tell the story that happened to you when you were a child. Acknowledge significant past events, heal them, re-frame them, and create new belief systems around them.

We have to move out of fear and back into love because if we are showing up more in fear than in love, it is impacting our relationships, our careers, and our health.

It’s important to listen to our fears, anxieties, and our worries because they are alarms alerting us that we have forgotten something really important. Instead of trying to silence these uncomfortable feelings use them as your personal alarm system.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are there areas in your life that are not the way you want them to be?
  • Are you a sensitive person? Do you take things personally?
  • Are you a creative person? Do you express your creativity?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety?
  • Do you have a fear of loss?
  • Men, how do you feel about being a man? Do you feel connected to your masculine energy? 

Tom’s Question:

Tom would like to know how to improve his relationships with his family, get out of debt and prepare for a career shift.

Tom’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He has a lot of obligations.
  • He is passionate about music and his family.
  • He feels anxious and a fear of loss.
  • He lost an important friendship as a child.
  • He believes he is undeserving.
  • He made judgments about what it means for him to be a man.
  • He may be missing a connection to his masculinity.
  • He is searching for security and stability.
  • He keeps himself busy to distract him from his anxiety. 

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • He should start tapping into his masculine energy.
  • He should put some serious intention into breaking out of loner tendencies and start doing work with the Mankind Project.
  • He may want to look into a martial arts program.
  • He should write a letter to his younger self and tell him he is deserving and enough.

Assignments For You:

  • If you deal with anxiety, look at it like an alarm system. What is it alerting you to?
  • If you have trouble with focus and direction try martial arts.
  • If you are a sensitive person, stop taking things so personally.
  • Find your tribe. Embrace who you are and know you are good enough.
  • Listen to my Coaches Corner episode with Lori Harder.


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