Coaches Corner: Pleasure on Purpose & Extraordinary Living with Dr. Heike Joy Hudson

This is a deeply personal episode for me . . . I get personal, I am sharing someone with you who means a great deal to me personally and we are talking about a topic I am deeply passionate about: sexual healing. 


Dr. Heike Joy Hudson, who I have worked with as a healer and teacher, joins me for a very intimate and important conversation.  

Heike’s work is dedicated to those who are ready to release guilt, shame and trauma around their bodies and sexuality to become confident, empowered, happy and radiant EMBODIED PEOPLE! 

Dr. Heike Hudson is a Doctor of Naturopathy, clinical sexologist, and one of San Diego’s preeminent somatic healers, relationship coaches, and the founder of The Embodied Woman.

Both naturopathic doctor and healer, Heike has understood for decades what the medical community is only now cluing into: the issue is in the tissue. Too often have women been in their heads and neglected the wisdom of their bodies. It is Heike’s staunch knowing that only when we tap into our physical bodies can we release the traumas and wounds that hold us back from having a fully sovereign and fulfilling life. 

Heike’s genius lies in helping women navigate through their feminine and masculine energies to bring about harmony so that they can have a real shot at true and lasting love. Together with her highly attuned husband, Jonathan, in their business, Sextraordinary Living, Heike is in service to a new relationship paradigm, including the highest expression of love and conscious sex! 

Learn more here:  https://sextraordinaryliving.com/


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