Coaches Corner: Awakening the Mystic with Dr. Matt Kreinheder

Are you a mystic?  Do you feel a calling toward something bigger? Have you had experiences that you cannot possibly describe or define with your “rational” mind?

Dr. Matt Kreinheder joins me today on coaches corner to answer these questions.  He is a transformational healer, speaker, coach, and author of the book: Awakening the Mystic. Dr. Matt has a doctorate in chiropractic, a master’s degree in acupuncture and has professionally written for publications all over the globe.

He has been trained at the highest level of Network Spinal Analysis and mentored under Donny Epstein, one of the world’s most renowned healers. Dr. Matt’s helps entrepreneurs and high performers step into the next level of who their soul is calling them to be.

Learn more about Dr. Matt and get his book here:  https://www.drmattk.com/

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