This call is about using a creative process to create vibrations high enough to reshape your story. Tiffany feels blocked by her past. She has done the mental work but still feels blocked emotionally. Remember, it’s never too late to reshape your story. Don’t think just because Tiffany is a young woman, as an older man or woman you can’t reshape your story. It’s not too late for you.

If you feel stuck in your story or if you feel that you can mentally re-frame your limiting beliefs but things aren’t changing, try to get spiritual altitude and look at why your soul chose this and how it’s good. Your soul chooses things that open up the door to amazing things that you may not be able to see yet.

Oftentimes, to get out of some feelings of grief, neglect, and abandonment we have to start relating to our story differently. But it has to be more than a mental concept.

In my mastery course or when I talk to people about reshaping their story, I hear a lot of ‘I know it happened for a reason’ and while that is true, it is not enough. It won’t create a feeling that is a high enough vibration inside of you to really be grateful for your past and to allow you to reshape and reframe the story inside of you.

When you get a little more spiritual altitude on your story and look at your soul curriculum you can consider what your soul lessons are. If you can attach your soul lessons to a feeling of appreciation or as a sign you are on your spiritual path, it can help you reframe and reshape your story to connect the dots emotionally.

You don’t want to have a spiritual bypass. The kind of reframing I am talking about happens after you’ve done some emotional clearing work.

Everyone can uplevel their story by using a creative outlet to take an old story and reshape it into whatever they want. This is a beautiful way to reshape your story because it doesn’t involve the mind. The creative centers of our brain are closely related to the emotional and subconscious centers of our brain. As we are reshaping something creatively, the neural nets in our brain start to change.

And when we attempt to attain big goals when we are still triggered by our old story and have trouble being in the moment, it is pointless. When we pursue big goals because we think it will make us feel better then we are attached to results making us feel better. Don’t think that spending some time creatively reshaping your story, letting go of old emotional wounds, and giving yourself a pause on knowing what is “next” is a waste of time. The more time you spend going within, the clearer you will get about your goals.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • When it comes to letting go of your past, do you go through phases when sometimes you are on track and then other times you can’t get out of the pain?
  • Have you ever quit something and then found yourself scared to pursue it again?
  • Have you mentally reframed a story or event in your life but still have feelings attached to it?
  • Do you have artistic or creative abilities you have suppressed because they are not goal-oriented enough?

Tiffany’s Question:

Tiffany feels blocked and wants guidance on how to let go of her past, her story.

Tiffany’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has traumatic experiences and issues related to her mother.
  • She lost her parents.
  • She feels neglected and abandoned.
  • She tries to connect with her inner child.
  • She feels she had to grow up quickly.
  • She has big goals.
  • She is hard on herself.
  • She fears that everything will fall apart.
  • She disassociates herself.
  • She is creative.
  • She has read Expectation Hangover.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should work with a professional coach or therapist.
  • She should start creating art without it being a major goal.
  • She should reshape her story.


  • Look at your story and write down the lessons you learned from it. Get a copy of Expectation Hangover to help guide you.
  • Do something creative, artistic, or expressive and use emotional pain to fuel your creative expression.
  • Be a beautiful parent to yourself.
  • Consider joining my Personal Mastery Course in 2019.


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