EP 170: Guidance for Empaths and Sensitive People with Tiffany

This call is about sorting through emotional traffic and protecting yourself energetically. If you feel like an empath or a sensitive person, chances are you are someone who has emotional intelligence and is impacted by the energy and emotions of others. If family members or friends call you sensitive or over-dramatic, this episode with Tiffany provides guidance on how to deal with your empathic gift.

When empaths or highly-sensitive people are flooded with other people’s emotions, it’s like traffic that slows us down. It can make us more triggerable, and it takes us longer to see clearly what is truly triggering us. We have to get out of traffic emotionally. We do that by processing our own feelings and by setting emotional boundaries. So, we can be compassionate with people but not sympathetic.

The more we can be in compassion, not sympathy, the more we can keep our emotional immune system up and be emotionally healthy. If highly-sensitive people don’t process their own emotions or discern what are their emotions or someone else’s, they can be highly-reactive, a.k.a. dramatic.

When we keep ourselves emotionally healthy, we are less likely to be drained by other people’s emotions. It’s important not to isolate yourself to protect yourself. Being alone is replenishing but we all need other people. Don’t fear people or connections.

It is super important to let go of the limiting belief that you think something is wrong with you. You need to update your beliefs and know that nothing is wrong with you. You need to find your tribe.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you often called out for being over-sensitive or being dramatic or reactive?
  • Do you find yourself drained or triggered by people who are making choices you are not aligned with?
  • Do you feel like the black sheep of your family or that no one really gets you?
  • Do you tend to attract emotionally unavailable people into your life?
  • Do you find solace in isolation and feel safer being alone?
  • When it comes to feeling, do you have intense feelings and overwhelm and unbearable sadness?

Tiffany’s Question:

Tiffany is feeling lost and overwhelmed and feels like something is wrong with her. She asks for guidance on how she can embrace her empathy.

Tiffany’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • People tell her she is too sensitive.
  • She feels she is different from her other family members.
  • She is affected by other people’s actions.
  • She feels things very deeply.
  • She navigates through everyone else’s feelings.
  • She is drawn to people who are ‘shut down.’
  • She feels isolated and lonely at times.
  • She is triggered by certain experiences.
  • She doubts her thoughts and feelings.
  • She is a people pleaser.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to protect her energy and learn how to reduce the amount of traffic on her emotional freeway.
  • She needs to upgrade her spiritual hygiene and read books about being an empath.
  • She needs to clean up her own unprocessed feelings.
  • She should sign up for my Personal Mastery Course and attend my Spring Retreat.
  • She should do the emotional release work in Expectation Hangover.
  • She needs to listen to her inner voice.
  • She needs to let go the belief that something is wrong with her and own her gifts.

Takeaways For You:

  • Read books written for empaths.
  • Find out what the best spiritual hygiene practices for you are.
  • Don’t people-please or think you get your value from making other people feel better.
  • Process and clear your emotional traffic.
  • Join my Personal Mastery Course to meet like-minded people and to start meeting your tribe.


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