This call is about changing your story and how to thrive, not just survive. Today’s caller, Chris, is dealing with shame and frustration around the story she has about money. Oppression and scarcity have been major themes in her life and she is looking for guidance about how to shift it. We work through how she can be open to giving and receiving love and moving out of ‘victim’ and into acceptance in order to shift her energy.

When we have been through a lot of trauma we prepare ourselves for the worst. And, when we are in immersed in fight or flight mode, it’s hard to start the healing process. In order to change the story we have about our life, we can’t wait for the external world to change it for us. We must change it inside ourselves and then things will change in the external world.

Know that how you relate to an issue can be the issue. Shifting the way you relate to an issue can lead to acceptance. And a big part of acceptance is becoming aware of how the past has created your current reality. Once you are aware of the origin of your story you can begin the healing process. And healing your past can be scary.

An important lesson to remember is we don’t always have to do everything on our own. Being loved, supported, and held, especially when we are vulnerable, can help us to realize we are worthy of love and help us to shift our energy toward abundance.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you have a story about money that you can’t seem to shift?
  • Do you have a story about not being able to trust people? When you ask for help do you get shot down?
  • Do you have some trauma and you’ve done courses and read books but you can’t seem to get to the other side of it?
  • Although you want love and support, when it comes your direction, how are you about receiving it?

Chris’s Question:

Chris would like to shift the energy around her finances and start thriving instead of surviving.

Chris’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • Her veterinary practice closed.
  • She will be moving soon.
  • The topic of money scares her.
  • She wasn’t acknowledged when she asked for things as a child.
  • She inherited her money story.
  • She doesn’t feel worthy.
  • She participated in a Personal Mastery course.
  • She has a hard time asking for help.
  • She is looking for a tangible solution to her problem.
  • She feels stuck.
  • Her victim mentality pushes her into a panic.
  • She received very little positive attention.
  • She has strained family relationships.
  • She’s had a lot of violence and scarcity in her life.
  • She has PTSD.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should perform the Temper Tantrum Technique from the emotional section of Expectation Hangover.
  • She needs to transform her frustration into acceptance, move out of ‘victim,’ and have compassion for herself.
  • She needs to find people who can care for her, nurture her, and guide her.
  • She should research EMDR therapy.
  • She should start telling a new story about her worthiness to receive help.
  • She should start asking for help in little ways.
  • She should start a meditative process and lean into her spirituality.
  • When she feels frustrated she should stand up and move her body’s energy around.


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