Letting go of attachment

“Life is suffering. Attachment is the source of suffering. The end of attachment will bring the end of suffering.” Buddha

I love this wisdom from Buddha because it reminds me that I am usually the source of my suffering. My thoughts and judgments about how I wish a situation was different generally cause me far more angst than the actual situation. We create attachment whenever we become invested in a desired outcome, plan or opinion. It is the opposite of acceptance and surrender. The more we practice non-attachment and move into acceptance of what is and surrender to what the Universe has planned for us, the less we suffer. Simple, yet often challenging.

Think about something you are struggling with and just for a moment let go of your attachment to the outcome you either desire or are hoping to achieve. Stretch yourself into seeing from the perspective that you influence your life, but you cannot control it. Surrender to what is happening rather than clinging to your attachments. Then notice your degree of suffering will begin to decrease.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having intentions and desires; we are all human and we want what we want. It is our attachment to our desires, opinions and plans that brings upon suffering because we tend to make ourselves or someone else wrong when we don’t get what we want. And the more we hold on to the way we think things should be, the more we are stuck in suffering. And the less likely we are to draw in something new that could put an end our suffering.

Today I encourage you to take inventory of what you are attached to. Consider what you are doing in your life because you are wishing for a specific outcome and all the thought patterns you keep repeating around a situation, circumstance or person you wish was different. Channel your Inner Buddha and enjoy the equanimity that comes from detaching from how you think life should be and embracing the life that is waiting for you.



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