Reforming your inner critic

For many years I bought into the misunderstanding that being hard on myself was an effective way to motivate myself. I measured myself up against others and used comparison as fuel to make myself do more.

This was absolutely effective on the external level. I got things done. I was successful. People would say I was “driven” and “ambitious.” Yet on the inside, I did not feel successful or fulfilled. I had to keep raising the bar because enough was never enough.

Can you relate at all? Are you hard on yourself? Do you put pressure on yourself to do more, do everything perfectly, or do it as good as other people? Do you ever hear a voice in your head that says pushy, judgmental things like . . .

“You’re not enough” or “Do more, work harder” or “Don’t bother trying, you’ll just fail” or “You have to do it all on your own,” or even things like “You can’t say No,” or “It’s never going to happen for you!”

What you might not know is that this is the voice of your INNER critic – it’s the inner force that loves to sabotage you and fill your head with all kinds of self-defeating, self-destructive thoughts.

This voice can sabotage your well-being if you do not learn how to change the conversation. Your relationship with yourself is THE thing that impacts every aspect of your life more than anything else @christinhassler (Tweet this!) The quality of your relationship with yourself determines the quality of your relationship with success, other people, money, spirituality, health and everything else!

I am so relieved that over the years I have reformed my inner voice so that I can live my life authentically inspired by purpose. Nurturing a healthy relationship with myself has been the single most important self-development work I have done. Period.

I encourage you to take an empowering step toward a more loving relationship with the precious, beautiful, absolutely perfect YOU. We all have an inner critic or bully inside us until we choose to relate to ourselves differently. So forgive yourself for buying into the misunderstanding that you need to be hard on yourself and reform your inner critic, because the more we can bring it into the light, the better!



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