Coaches Coaches: Building a Business and Life you love with Marie Forleo

Get ready for an incredible conversation with one of the most heart-centered, boss lady, bad-asses I know, Marie Forleo! Marie runs an online business school for modern entrepreneurs, called B School  In this interview we cover a lot of ground from what you really need to do in your business, what you should NOT do, how to balance masculine and feminine energies, and how to stop giving a crap about what people think of you.

Marie just released a free video training series where she shares some really awesome information and a ton of value! You’ll get to know Marie (and love her if you don’t already), as she shares her incredible story of how she has built a multi-million dollar business online with integrity.

Access those here: Christinehassler.com/freetraining

I’ll also be announcing ways I can support you in B School so be sure to sign up at christinehassler.com to get my latest announcements.

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