Ep 188: Navigating Uncertainty and Breaking Patterns with Jasmine

This episode is about breaking childhood patterns. Today’s caller, Jasmine, feels trapped in her current situation. She feels she has to stick it out at her job because it is her only option. But, as you will hear in this call, it is not her only option. In fact, what she thinks is her only option is only keeping her in a lifetime of an enduring pattern that isn’t giving her what she wants and isn’t opening her up to all the amazing opportunities that could come her way when she becomes untrapped.

A trapped feeling is comfortable and familiar but it also can put you into overwhelm. And when we are in overwhelm all of our childhood survival strategies, the things we had to do to adapt to our environment in order to feel safe, come into effect.

As a child, if you had to endure neglect, chaos, and lack of love and support in order to get any crumbs of love from your parents, you may be playing out the same situation as an adult. But you are not a child anymore.

It’s important to understand how our upbringing psychologically and emotionally impacted us. Otherwise, we get frustrated with our behavior and think something is wrong with us and end up in similar situations over and over again.

Are you recreating your childhood as an adult? Unless we get triggered, we usually aren’t motivated to do the healing we need to do. Often, we have to re-experience some version in a different way, as an adult, to illuminate the wounding and the patterns so we can heal it and shift it.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you ever stick things out or suffer because you think you have to?
  • Do you justify being trapped in a situation and feel like there is no way out?
  • Did you have parents who didn’t parent you?
  • When it comes to uncertainty, do you stay in comfortable or familiar situations even if you are not happy or fulfilled rather than take a risk that has unknown consequences?

Jasmine’s Question:

Jasmine is in a job that is wrong for her. She feels trapped and overwhelmed and would like guidance on setting boundaries and how to find joy.

Jasmine’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She feels she isn’t worthy of having it all.
  • Her job drains her energy.
  • She found her soul family in her adopted country.
  • She feels lost in the emotion related to her job.
  • One of her parents had an addiction and the other, mental health issues.
  • She shuts down or expels energy when she feels overwhelmed.
  • She gets angry and frustrated when in overwhelm.
  • She was hired under false pretenses.
  • She is caught between her past and her future.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to move past the energetic pattern of feeling trapped and not feeling worthy.
  • She needs to set boundaries with her current supervisor.
  • She needs to lean into her faith and spiritual belief.
  • She needs to be committed to her healing.
  • She needs support and love and to find a therapist.


  • Think about what your pattern is when you are in overwhelm or when you feel trapped; try to evolve the pattern and dance with uncertainty.
  • Speak up. You are not a child anymore.
  • If there is a situation you feel trapped in, get creative. Think of all the ways the universe can come up with a divine plan that would be better than your current situation.
  • Are you avoiding healing or breaking a pattern because you are avoiding uncertainty?
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