Wisdom from a new mama

I am writing to you from the mountains of beautiful Boulder, Colorado where Stefanos and I are visiting our dear friends who just had a baby boy. This was an unplanned trip as I didn’t expect my girlfriend to want visitors so soon. However, when she shared with me how important it is to a new mother’s postpartum recovery for soul family members to visit within the first 40 days of birth, I booked tickets immediately. When a bestie calls, I am there.

Which brings me to what I wanted to share with you this week. The importance of honoring what is happening right NOW in your life and prioritizing the things that really matter. Was it a great time for me to take nearly three days off of work? Nope. But would I ever get this sacred time with one of my besties again? Nope.

I was sitting in bed with my new mama friend last night as she was nursing and she asked me how work was going and what I was excited about. My response was, “Honestly I am so content with my life right now, I cannot find my ambition to go create something new for the future.”

And that’s when the new mama truth-bomb-wisdom dropped in as she said:

“Yes there is really something to having deep gratitude and enjoyment for what you have already created rather than focusing on what is next.”

This is simple yet powerful wisdom we all need to be reminded of from time to time. We can get so caught up in “doing” and “creating” mode that we forget to take time to relish and enjoy where were are right NOW.

Even if there are circumstances in your life that are not ideal right now, are you willing to move into acceptance and gratitude for how far you’ve come? Trust me, you are going to attract more things in your life to appreciate if you appreciate what you already have.

I appreciate you very much.

With love,


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p.p.s. There have been some great podcast episodes this week! Stefanos and I recorded a Coaches Corner on “Conscious Dating” you can listen to here. And
Ep 186 with Megan is a beautiful episode that will help you get out of sadness and/or worst case scenario thinking. Go here to listen.

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