EP 192: Healing a Father Wound with Amanda

This episode is about balancing and integrating our feminine and masculine energies. Today’s caller, Amanda, is an empath who has done a lot of personal development work but she still feels triggered by the actions of others. She is unsure whether she is being triggered because she has unresolved childhood wounds or if it’s her intuition telling her to get out of her current relationship.

It’s important for highly-sensitive people to find their own core, to find their own sense of self, and not to take on other people’s stuff. When we encounter emotionally or physically unavailable people energetically they can be very similar to a narcissist. No matter what you do with a narcissist, very rarely will you feel genuine love from them.

Being a highly sensitive person or an empath doesn’t necessarily mean you will attract a narcissist. But, it does happen a lot of times because highly-sensitive people are also loving people. We can lose our personal boundaries because we are picking up on other people’s energy. Narcissists feed off of others who don’t have a strong sense of self because narcissists have a strong ‘false’ sense of self and they are very self-focused.

Explore, integrate, and balance both your divine masculine and feminine energies during your spiritual practice! You are supported by the divine.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Have you done a lot of personal growth work and you are frustrated that you are still getting triggered?
  • When you do get triggered do you know exactly what is causing it? Is it something from your past or is it your intuition telling you something is not the right fit?
  • Do you have a father wound? Was your father absent or if he was physically there, maybe he wasn’t emotionally there?
  • When it comes to your masculine and feminine, how integrated or balanced are they? When it comes to your spiritual practice, do you have a connection to the divine masculine and the divine feminine?

Amanda’s Question:

Amanda has done a lot of personal development work but still doesn’t understand why she is triggered by certain situations. Is it her intuition?

Amanda’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She feels triggered by missing out on experiences with her partner.
  • She is an empathic healer.
  • Her father was absent for much of her childhood.
  • She’s not yet integrated her inner father.
  • She seeks recognition from males.
  • She is becoming comfortable using her feminine energy.
  • Her soul has been asking for nurturing support.
  • She seeks attention and practices high-risk behaviors.
  • She has shifted her inner voice to be more inquisitive.
  • She had to play multiple roles in her father’s life.
  • She didn’t think she could tap into divine masculine energy.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to integrate her masculine energy in a loving way.
  • She needs to greet her approval-seeking behavior with a healthy fatherly voice.
  • She needs to create a healthy space for herself.
  • She needs to recognize she is supported by the divine.


  • Where are you pouring water into buckets with holes? Are you still hoping the holes will close?
  • If you relate to the father wound and see it playing out in your life, consider where are you chasing validation?
  • Do you have a connection to a higher power that is both feminine and masculine?


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