Coaches Corner: Self Love with Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte is a speaker, mindset mentor and host of the popular podcast Mind Love. Melissa is obsessed with learning what makes us humans tick. After spending too long as a guinea pig for bad decisions, she learned first hand how undo a downward spiral. She’s now spent the last 10 years exploring methods of improving the human condition. Through raw stories, personal experience and inspiring interviews, her podcast Mind Love highlights the incredible role of the mind in happiness, health and success.

Where do our self-destructive tendencies come from?

• What are the less severe ways we are self destructing we may not realize?
• Why is self love so hard for most people?
• What do we get wrong about self love?
• How do we start loving ourselves more?
• What are the consequences if we keep neglecting ourselves?
• Can we radically reinvent ourselves? And how?

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