EP 201: Dealing With and Healing Anxiety with Veruschka

This episode is about acknowledging and working through anxiety and panic attacks. Today’s caller, Veruschka, grew up in a fear-based household and for the last 20 years has experienced massive anxiety on both a physical and a mental level. We talk about the physical and emotional, psychological aspects that are causing her anxiety. And, the ways she can holistically manage the stress hormones released by her body with acceptance and compassion.

It’s important to know that patterns, like anxiety, were developed a long time ago and they have been reinforced for years. So, even if you have a lot of awareness and have done a lot of personal development work, you may not see an immediate transformation. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate your progress.

Anxiety can be a teacher and it is able to catapult us to the next level of growth. It can inspire meditation, healthy eating, and doing inner work to release the main triggers of anxiety.

We parent ourselves the way we were parented. Whatever behavior our parents showed toward us, we pair with love. If you had a parent who was fear-based or worried about you a lot, most likely you worry about yourself a lot. It’s very common. Know the behaviors or anxiety you want to change are not you. They are behaviors you learned to keep you safe and get love. Your programming may make it seem like it’s you but it’s not.

It’s important not to judge these patterns and behaviors. Because they do serve a purpose and we should greet them with love and acceptance. Know that they are trying to help you.

It’s also important when working with anxiety is moving the energy out. During anxiety or a full-on panic attack, our nervous system goes into a major fight, flight, or freeze. When that happens we release stress hormones like adrenaline into the bloodstream. It’s difficult to calm yourself down through meditating or controlled breathing. It’s useful to move the energy by dancing, yelling, or shaking your body to utilize your body’s natural process. Don’t be afraid of it!

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you struggle with anxiety? Have you had panic attacks in the past and have anxiety about having future panic attacks?
  • Did you grow up in a fear-based home?
  • Have you done personal growth work but can’t seem to shake anxiety?

Veruschka’s Question:

Veruschka has been struggling with anxiety for 20 years and is looking for guidance on how to break the cycle.

Veruschka’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She grew up in a fear-based, worry-filled household.
  • She has been agoraphobic.
  • She has done personal development work.
  • Her thought process creates physical anxiety.
  • She may have PTSD from her anxiety attacks.
  • She doesn’t feel safe in her body.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to find out if she is an over- or under-methylator or has the MTHFR gene.
  • She needs to find a hypnotherapist to work with her subconscious.
  • She needs to realize her anxiety is just a part of her, not all of her.
  • She needs to greet her anxiety with acceptance and compassion.
  • She should try to ride out the anxiety attack and move her energy.
  • She should repeat the mantra ‘I feel safe in my body’ and ‘I trust my body.’


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