EP 203: Stop Running and Rebelling with Jaz

This episode is about breaking old patterns of running, rebelling, or shutting down. Today’s caller, Jaz, grew up in a chaotic household with no soothing or comfort. Growing up in a non-comforting environment can lead us toward unhealthy coping strategies when we get triggered. We discuss ways she can bring calm and consistency into her life.

For people who grew up in chaos without certainty, stability, or safety, there is an inner ‘fight or flight’ that is always going. If you relate to this, I encourage you to slow down, especially when you are seeking out guidance or are having a vulnerable conversation.

If you don’t have self-soothing or self-nurturing practices and are dealing with any kind of heartache, or when there is a part of us that is triggered, it is common for us to fall back into our old patterns.

When we have an experience, it is a reference point. It shows us the parts of ourselves we need to nurture and acknowledge. Experiences are basically guideposts for what we need to lean into more.

Instead of praying for the life you want, pray for becoming comforted in the now. Pray to help find your divine mother. When anyone of us reaches for anything externally that we desire internally we just keep reaching and grasping. It’s like a bucket with holes. It’s never truly fulfilling.

If you find you are waiting for things to make you feel a certain way, look at how you are actually in control of changing your life right now by how you relate to whatever it is. Remember, a miracle is a change in perception.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you ever deal with imposter syndrome?
  • Were you raised in a home where you received comfort when you got scared or when there was an argument?
  • Do you feel stuck when it comes to moving forward, especially when it comes to your career?

Jaz’s Question:

Jaz is looking for guidance on how to bring calm and consistency into her life.

Jaz’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She broke up with her fiancé and now has a new long-distance partner in her life.
  • She feels she has moved away from who she really is.
  • Her lifestyle changed drastically this year.
  • She feels she has been selfish.
  • She traveled for seven weeks this year.
  • She grew up with a lot of uncertainty.
  • She rebels and runs when she feels hurt.
  • She’s done a lot of personal development work.
  • She needs an outlet for her self-expression.
  • She has prayed for the life she wants.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should more deeply explore her experiences with her divine mother.
  • She needs to honor the creative part of herself by giving herself roots.
  • She needs to learn how to self-soothe whenever she feels scared or threatened.
  • She needs to sit in her discomfort with motherly compassion and create a peaceful home inside herself.


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