This episode with Brooke is about taking things personally. We tend to allow ourselves to be impacted by what other people say or don’t say or how they respond to us. Part of growing into becoming an emotionally healthy person is not taking things personally. And, being able to receive feedback without spiraling out into self-doubt, upset, and giving your power away by letting other people impact what you think of you.

It’s not being sensitive. Sensitivity is a gift. To be able to empathize and be attuned to other people’s experiences. Where we can be overly sensitive is when we have a core wound of not feeling enough and then we take things personally. Part of what helps us not take things personally is knowing who we are by self-acknowledgment.

When we do the work and we know ourselves, we aren’t so reactive to other people’s feedback. We can decipher whether it is the other person projecting on us or is it us. Many times when people give us feedback, even if it’s critical, sometimes there is truth to it. It can be hard to swallow but we can receive it without taking it personally.

We have to look at the consistencies in our lives that can lead us on the path to healing. What triggers is your soul sending you to give you the opportunity to heal?

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you take things personally, even just a little bit?
  • Do you allow your opinion of yourself to be impacted, even defined, by others?
  • Did you grow up with a critical parent and you were confused about being loved and accepted?
  • Do you feel like you are enough? Is receiving feedback, especially negative feedback, hard for you?
  • Do you feel proud of yourself?


Brooke’s Question:

Brooke says she is a very sensitive person and would like guidance on how to not take things personally.


Brooke’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is considering breaking up with a friend.
  • Both she and her young son are emotional.
  • She internalizes negative feedback and she feels she is not enough.
  • Her mother constantly criticized her.
  • She has some blank spots about her past.
  • She never felt fully seen and loved for who she is.
  • She is a people pleaser.
  • She has a hard time accepting criticism.
  • She missed out on developing her identity.
  • She has a need to prove herself to others.
  • Her inner child is confused.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to practice self-acknowledgment.
  • She needs to teach her son self-acknowledgment.
  • She needs to not take things personally.



  • What did you not get growing up that you really needed? How can you give it to yourself now?
  • Work on self-acknowledgment. Not just saying it but feeling it.
  • For parents, help your children feel proud of themselves or to simply be who they are.
  • When you take things personally remember that’s an alarm system that you have forgotten who you are.



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