Release & Receive: New Year’s 2020

Releasing 2010-2019

1. You’ll start with choosing a day to do your decade in review, make sure you set aside a couple hours to give this process the energy it truly deserves.

2. Set the scene to make this a sacred process by minimizing distractions, turning off your phone, lighting a candle, perhaps put on some calming music and create a space to make this a sacred process.

3. Begin with your 2019 year in review. Go through each month, beginning in January 2019, and write down anything that you remember – accomplishments, significant events, blessings, struggles, funny times and so on. Record these in your journal to support you to feel a sense of completeness with 2019.

4. Review your list and consider what the biggest lessons were that you learned from the past year. What did events from this past year teach you? What were some of your biggest aha moments? What were your most profound insights? Be sure to celebrate how far you’ve come this year in terms of your personal development!!

5. (Optional) Share your year in review with someone close to you who is part of your life. See what they recall, reminisce, and share a couple laughs.

6. After you’ve done this process for 2019, you will begin your decade in review. Begin by thinking back to 2010 and journal about significant events or breakthroughs that happened that year. Perhaps even look through photos to help jog your memory. You don’t have to write down tons of memories or details every instance of the year, just the ones that really stand out.

Be sure to capture some of the lessons of the past decade and what you have learned from them. Write about some of the patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviors you have shifted. For example, perhaps in 2014 you started meditating and in 2017 you finally let go of the belief that you can’t make money doing what you love and now you are doing in.

Again, really acknowledge yourself for how far you’ve come. Even if you’ve only shifted one thing, that is huge!! After doing this decade in review, you’ll be so much more confident as you move on to visioning for 2020.

7. Now it’s time to identify what you’d like to leave behind. In other words, get clear on all the things you don’t want to carry into the next decade. Feel free to do this a day or so later as the first six steps can be a lot. On a fresh sheet of paper or a new page in your journal, write a list of all the beliefs, attachments, the “crud on your windshield” (this metaphor will make sense if you listened to the podcast) that you are releasing such as intense self-criticism or charging less that you’re worth for your services.

8. When you are complete, burn your list if you are certain you can do so safely or tear it up in tiny pieces. Watch it burn or stare at the pieces of paper and as you do, cultivate a feeling of gratitude for ALL you have experienced this past decade. State the affirmation: I am grateful, I have learned what I needed to learn. I am complete.

9. Your final step is celebrating how far you’ve come with your own personal dance party. Choose a song, or better yet, make a playlist that captures some of your favorite songs and memories from 2010 – 2019 and dance your booty off!! Intend that this is letting go ritual as well. Allow the movement to move what you are releasing from the past decade off of you. We hold a lot in the body so don’t skip this step!!

Receiving 2020 and Beyond

1. Again choose a day to do your visioning process for the next year. Make sure you set aside a couple hours to give this process the energy it truly deserves.

2. Set the scene to make this a sacred process by minimizing distractions, turning off your phone, lighting a candle, perhaps put on some calming music and create a space to make this a sacred process.

3. Listen to the meditation I guide you through in this episode. Be sure to have a journal or paper and pen hand.

4. After the meditation, hand-write (super important NOT to type this) any insight or visions that came forward for you in the guided meditation. Take your time with this and write whatever comes up, do not edit or let your logical mind to tell you that it is unrealistic. Allow yourself to dream and truly vision!

5. When you complete, close your eyes for a few moments and take a few deep breaths.

6. Allow your logical mind to come back to the party and on a new sheet of paper write down your goals and desires for 2020. List all the things you want to either create or attract into your life.

7. Go back over each goal and desire and next to it, write out your “why.” Why do you want to achieve or attract this? What is the deepest reason that is also inspiring and not just about shoulds, expectations and your ego’s demands. Goals and desires are much more challenging to manifest when there is not a super powerful why inspiring each one.

8. Review your list again and any goal that does not have a compelling WHY, the kind of why that makes you smile and inspires you to take action toward it, cross it off your list. It’s okay to let some things go…especially the things that are coming more from your ego that your deepest soul desires (I walk you through examples in the podcast).

9. After you are clear on which goals or desires have compelling, life-enriching WHYS, write them down on a new sheet of paper. Remember that often less is more. When we focus on the goals and desires that are most important to our overall value system, often the rest just falls into place.

10. Go through each goal and identify ONE action step you can take in the next month toward that goal or desire. You do not have to figure out how exactly you will accomplish or manifest the end result. Just identity one action step and the date you will take it by. Then when you complete that action step, do the same thing with the next. Step by step by step is how you create your vision for 2020 without overwhelm.

11. Next you are going to imagine it is New Years Eve 2024, five years from now, and write out how your life is now that you have accomplished all the goals on your list and manifested your desires. Write in present tense as if it’s actually happening right now. Add lots of descriptions, feeling words and emotion to this. The more you FEEL it the more you will CREATE IT.

12. Create your 2020 vision affirmations. Identify the statements that will support you in seeing yourself and the world more clearly such as: “I am enough. I am experiencing radiant health. I am in a healthy relationship and feel so loved and safe. I am wealthy and free from financial burden. I am living on purpose and doing what I love every day.” Record yourself saying these on your phone or if you want try downloading the app ThinkUp where you can record your affirmations to music. Your own voice is incredibly hypnotic and does wonders to upgrade your beliefs.

13. Listen to your recorded affirmations multiple days a day and read your 2024 vision (step 11) at least once a week. Add to it as well as you think of new things you will be celebrating five years from now.

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