EP 225: Let Go of People-Pleasing So You Can Truly Enjoy Being Around Others with Emily

This episode is about overcoming people-pleasing patterns and getting into alignment with who you truly are. Today’s caller, Emily, recognizes she has people-pleasing patterns but finds herself withdrawing from others. She is exhausted by the effort it takes to socialize and doing what other people expect of her. If you are a people pleaser and an introvert, this is an important call for you to listen to.

People-pleasing is a pattern that begins when we form a belief at a young age that we get more validation and love and avoid criticism or punishment if we are good and doing what others want us to do. It begins as a pattern at a very early age but it’s just a pattern. It is not who we are. It’s not an aspect of our personality or soul expression. The pattern of people-pleasing interacts with different personalities in different ways.

People who have more extroverted personalities work with the people-pleasing patterns by consistently showing up, acting how other people want them to act, and often over-involving themselves with others. On the other hand, introverts or people with introspective personalities tend to get overwhelmed with the energy the people-pleasing pattern takes. So, they end up withdrawing as a way not to disappoint people to protect themselves. If they disappear for a little bit then there is less chance for them to use their energy to people-please.

When we repress anger it can lead to irritability, lack of a desire to do anything, exhaustion, depression, and a sense of ‘why bother’ when it comes to engaging with others.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Did you grow up having a lot of expectations and pressure put upon you?
  • Do you feel you are a people pleaser?
  • Do you often make decisions based on how other people may react versus what you truly want to do?
  • Are you ever irritable with others? Are you annoyed by people so much that you can’t be bothered to socialize or make small talk because it’s exhausting?

Emily’s Question:

Emily is a people pleaser who finds it tiring to socialize. She would like guidance on how to not be triggered by people.

Emily’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is irritated by small talk with workmates.
  • She is a people pleaser.
  • She doesn’t want to attend her younger sister’s wedding.
  • She felt a lot of pressure from her family.
  • She is tired of having to live up to other people’s expectations.
  • She felt she constantly had to perform and do well at school.
  • She never felt enough when she was younger.
  • She wants to withdraw.

How to Get Over It and On With It:


  • If you are irritable, depressed, and wanting to withdraw, try to express your feelings in a healthy way.
  • Work through Expectation Hangover, enroll in my Personal Mastery course, and come to the Spring Retreat.
  • Evaluate some of the choices you have made lately. Are they truly authentic and in alignment with what you really want or are you doing things out of obligation, people-pleasing, or avoidance?
  • Connect with the little one inside who accepted that people-pleasing was the only way to get love and help them accept that love is not about doing what others want you to do.
  • Take the pressure and expectations off of yourself, especially if you felt them from your parents. Reparent yourself the way you want to be parented.
  • Dive into emotional release and anger work.


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