EP 227: Breaking Up with a Religion with Christina

This episode is about consciously and completely leaving a religion someone else chose for you. Today’s caller, Christina, has recently discovered what her core wounding is and she is in spiritual crisis. She would like guidance on how to protect herself during her vulnerable self-discovery process.

When we leave a religion, whether we drift away from it or there is a point where we cut the cord, it is like a breakup. And, on some level, we are changing the course of our religious beliefs especially if we are baptized into a certain religion. Our soul, for whatever reason, decided to come through those parents who baptized us in a religion so when we leave it, it is important to have a healthy breakup with it. Not just leave in anger or run away. There are soul contracts. This makes it important to make peace when you leave it.

Just like you would want to leave a relationship with looking at “What are the lessons I’ve learned,” “What are the things that I really want to take with me,” “What were the things I loved about the person,” and “What are the gifts that came from the relationship?”

We want to ask ourselves similar questions when we leave a religion. It’s even a deeper spiritual process because then we have to find God, whatever God means to us, in a new way.

And, dark energies can be a scary subject to speak of, especially when we grow up hearing about things like the Devil, Satan, or dark entities. Sometimes our own unprocessed, unconscious stuff can create some crazy visuals to get our attention about certain things. Instead of considering what the darkness means, try thinking about how you can increase your connection to the highest source of light and love. The most important thing is to surrender to unconditional love and light.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Were you baptized or raised in a particular religion but you left it or do not practice those traditions anymore?
  • Do you feel not enough?
  • Are you having trouble finding your tribe or the people you really connect with?
  • Do you have experiences with dense or unexplained energies that you can’t explain?

Christina’s Question:

Christina recently discovered her core wounding and would like guidance on how to protect herself as she treads along the vulnerable path to self-discovery.

Christina’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She yearns for the approval of others.
  • She is a people pleaser.
  • She is leaning into being an empath.
  • She sometimes feels a dark masculine energy.
  • She was raised as a Mormon but left the religion when she was 19.
  • She has always been a sensitive person.
  • She feels alone in her spirituality.
  • There was sexual abuse within her family.
  • She is searching for her tribe.
  • She is in a spiritual crisis.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to take back her power and deepen her spiritual practice.
  • She needs to stay out of judgment.
  • She needs to practice chanting the sound ‘hu.’
  • She needs to ask for a spiritual teacher who can support her emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • She needs to embrace a conscious breakup plan from the Mormon religion.
  • She needs to consider joining other empaths for my Spring Retreat.


  • Practice the meditation from this podcast.
  • If you have unresolved issues from a religion you don’t practice anymore, consider how you can bring completion and healthy closure to it.
  • Explore how you can make an intention to deepen your spiritual practice and connection to your higher power this year.


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