This episode is about how to get over a breakup but we go much deeper than that. Today’s caller, Miranda, had a profound spiritual experience during her previous relationship. She thought the feeling came from an external source when it actually came from her internal divine source because her mind was quiet enough to feel unconditional love for herself.

We are all headed towards breaking old personality patterns and emotional addictions that have kept us in a certain frequency to elevate ourselves into a different energetic field. This is why journey mates come into our lives.

There is a specific reason a journey mate comes into our lives. A journey mate relationship is a contract but it’s a short-term contract. We come together with a person to have an important experience or to help us get through a difficult time we can’t get through on our own. The other person acts as a mirror to show us the aspect inside of us we need to transform. Usually, once the experience or realization happens the relationship has to end. Often, I find these relationships end abruptly or under random circumstances.

The reason the universe pulls two people apart is that a journey mate is only in our lives to show us something about ourselves or to help us discover inner qualities that we may not be able to access on our own.

How do you access a deeper connection with the divine?

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you struggling with getting over a breakup?
  • Have you been in a deeply connected relationship but it ended abruptly or under shocking circumstances?
  • Have you had a spiritual experience but are unable to have it again? Do you want to feel unconditional love, peace, and a deeper connection?
  • Do you tend to be hard on yourself or have a fierce inner critic?


Miranda’s Question:

Miranda had a spiritual experience in a relationship but since the relationship ended she hasn’t been able to recreate the feeling and would like guidance on how to regain the feeling.


Miranda’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She had a positive spiritual experience in which she felt unconditional love.
  • She has a fierce inner critic.
  • Her previous relationship ended abruptly.
  • She realizes she sacrificed some of herself in the relationship.
  • She overanalyzed what the relationship meant.
  • She realizes she felt the love from an internal source, not an external one.
  • She feels encouraged by her progress.
  • She wants to capitalize on this chapter of her life.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to realize that what she experienced was a spiritual moment she allowed herself to have.
  • She should look at the relationship as a gift but not put her ex on a pedestal.
  • She shouldn’t believe that she was rejected.
  • She needs to fall more in love with herself every day. 
  • She needs to generate the elated feelings on her own.



  • If you feel you have a Journey Mate relationship or had one, accept it. Write a letter you don’t intend to send to thank the other person for the relationship and declaring it done.
  • Get serious about your meditation practice. You should be feeling elevated when you finish.



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A spiritual experience is a feeling of amazing peace, calm, and love. Click To Tweet Journey mate relationships have an expiration date so we can take the lesson they trigger and disconnect it from the person to realize it truly came from ourselves. Click To Tweet The more you consciously open your heart every day to love and the love of the divine, the more you will feel it. Click To Tweet