This is an incredibly informative and compassionate discussion about trauma.  Trauma is something this is often misunderstood and mistreated which is why I’m so grateful to have had Elaine, who has been on the front lines of trauma, shed some light on this subject.
Elaine Miller-Karas is the Director of Innovation, Vision and Creativity and co-founder of the Trauma Resource Institute and author of the book, Building Resiliency to Trauma, the Trauma and Community Resiliency Models® (2015).   She has worked internationally to bring healing to the world’s community.  Her models to date have been brought to 102 countries in Asia, Africa, North America, the Mid-East, South America and Europe.  She is a recognized international speaker and author. Elaine’s book was recently selected by the United Nations curated on-line library as one of the innovations that can help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Elaine is a founding member of the International Transformational Resilience Coalition and a leading advocate with regard to the impact of climate change on the human condition.

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