This is a call about releasing your anger to find your worth. Today’s caller, Eliza, desires a relationship but doesn’t feel worthy. As with many people who struggle with not-enoughness, unworthiness, or with people who are stuck, she has confused acceptance with resignation and her passion, fire, and worth lies beneath her anger.

Emotional release work is like a workout. You may not feel like doing it if you didn’t sleep well the night before or you had one too many glasses of wine but after you do it you feel so much better. During this time, emotional release work is very important. This isn’t just a time to chill or to just clean out your closet. It’s time to bring your shadow out into the light of awareness and be willing to feel your emotions. That’s when things will start to move and shift.

Please don’t lie to yourself or brush things under the rug. Don’t harbor resentment and call it acceptance. Acceptance is not avoiding confrontation; that’s complacency, resignation, and emotional repression. You might say that you’ve accepted so-and-so for who they are but deep down you probably still have anger and pain.

I believe that acceptance and forgiveness are beautiful places for all of us to be in but good luck being a human being and trying to bypass your emotions and get right to acceptance and forgiveness. That is a spiritual bypass. I hope that in this global Expectation Hangover we’re having more people will do emotional release writing, emotional release work, and the temper tantrum technique to look at the ways that they’re no longer able to sustain their behavior.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you struggle with feeling not enough or unworthiness?
  • Did you have a parent you felt shut you down? Maybe you felt they were disappointed in you or they never looked at you with love or adoration?
  • Do you feel stuck? Do you have trouble motivating yourself?
  • Do you have a hard time speaking your truth to people? Do you prefer to stay in the status quo?


Emma’s Question:

Eliza wants to be in a relationship but feels unworthy of love.


Emma’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She believes she is unlikeable.
  • She doesn’t feel good enough, especially at work.
  • She blames and judges herself.
  • She is fluent in the ‘I am not enough’ language.
  • She believes that blaming herself will help her heal.
  • She would like to forgive her parents freely.
  • She didn’t feel seen by her father.
  • She believes if she accepts her father then she will feel worthy.
  • She doesn’t feel loved by her family.
  • She swallows resentment to try and keep the peace.
  • She wants to feel loved and accepted.


How to Get Over It and On With It:



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