EP 248: Be Yourself No Matter What Anybody Else Thinks with Ram

This call is about identifying what is blocking you from stepping into your power. Today’s caller, Ram, has something to say but fears the judgment of others. He is repressing anger about never being seen for who he truly is. How many of us identify with that?

When we have stuck emotions we feel stuck in life because it takes a lot of energy to suppress repressed emotions. Repressing our emotions robs us of our creative expression and our creative energy. So, unless we deal with our anger and rage it’s going to leak out in other ways and it’s going to sabotage us.

When men, in particular, don’t deal with their anger and hurt in healthy ways or they don’t step into their power in a healthy way, they try to overpower others. Men who don’t take the more aggressive route generally become passive and neither help us because we need strong men to fight this fight with us. I acknowledge men who are willing to learn to process anger in a healthy way.

Sometimes we give too much power to people who can’t see us and that is what is beautiful about the awakening happening right now. So much is coming up and out in our world as more and more people are speaking their truth. We need awake people and lightworkers in all fields to bring consciousness and love into the world. No one else can give us permission to be ourselves.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel like you’re in limbo — like you know what to do and feel called to do it but just can’t seem to make it happen?
  • Do you feel disconnected from either your masculine or feminine energy?
  • Are you scared, even terrified, of judgment from others, which keeps you from moving forward?
  • Do you feel like a fish out of water in your culture, country, or family?

Ram’s Question:

Ram thinks he is in healing limbo. He feels disconnected from his masculine energy and is scared to show his true self to the world.

Ram’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He is sensitive and empathic.
  • His previous career/identity was frantic and Madmen like.
  • He is afraid to share his true nature.
  • He feels disconnected from his culture.
  • He doesn’t feel he can be his true self.
  • He becomes deeply invested in his work.
  • He is tapping into the collective frustration.
  • He lives vicariously through other people.
  • He feels the way to survive is to mute himself.
  • There is anger in his body and it wants attention.
  • He feels wronged, suppressed, and disempowered.
  • He is breaking a paradigm.
  • Managing his anger is taking all his energy.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Work to change external circumstances to shift internally.
  • Find the anger within and release it to become empowered.
  • Work with anger in a healthy way.
  • Go to ChristineHassler.com/angerrelease for my Temper Tantrum technique from Expectation Hangover or join the Personal Mastery course.
  • Move into self-forgiveness.


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