This call is about going all in. Today’s caller, Trevi, is uncomfortable taking risks because she fears she will not live up to her high expectations. I offer her tips about how to remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of her going all-in and stepping fully into her dreams.

Children need their parents and other people to feel proud of them. It isn’t an ego thing. We all need validation. We need the feeling of pride. And, as children, we needed it from mostly our caretakers but if we didn’t get it, it is imperative that we give it to ourselves.

You will be amazed when your little one inside, or that part of you that feels insecure, feels pride. Hope and possibility will fill you up. If you want to feel inspired, feel proud first. When you give your inner child what you need they will feel satiated and not hold you back.

It’s okay to take risks and it’s okay if you need reinforcement and reassurance before you take the risk. Some of us don’t like risk and a lot of that has to do with our natural tendencies and our childhood. But if we don’t take risks, if we don’t keep trying, then we may never have awesome experiences. Don’t be afraid to try or to be afraid of your future self and your high-expectations.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Did you have something you want such as a career, relationship, or a move but you’re scared to go all-in?
  • Are you afraid of your high-expectations because you don’t want to fail?
  • What is your relationship to risk? Do you prefer to play it safe?
  • Do you feel proud of yourself, not just for your accomplishments but for who you are?


Trevi’s Question:

Trevi would like guidance on how to transform her career from a corporate job to her dream job of being a yoga teacher and coach.


Trevi’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is scared of not being able to meet her expectations.
  • She is worried about what other people think.
  • She has high expectations for herself.
  • She feels disappointed when she doesn’t meet her high standards.
  • She chased validation from her parents.
  • She still chases validation from external sources.
  • She talks herself out of things she wants.
  • She is proud of herself for who she is.
  • When she gives her little girl what she needs she feels satiated.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Reparent the part of herself that needs validation.
  • Reassure the little girl inside of her and feel that she is seen and loved.



  • It’s okay to take some risks and it’s okay if you need reinforcement and reassurance before you take the risk.
  • Feel proud of yourself.
  • Write down or say out loud to the mirror ten reasons you are proud of yourself.
  • Join us in August for the Inner Child Workshop.



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