Coaches Corner: The Art of the Impossible with Steven Kotler

In this episode you’ll learn why everyone (even you!!) is wired for peak performance. Steven Kotler New York Times bestselling author and peak performance expert—on a science-based approach to unleash our full potential and succeed against all odds. During a time when it’s easy to give up, Kotler teaches us how to exceed our limitations with his newest book, The Art of the Impossible. Kotler decodes the secrets of elite performers, including top CEOs, Olympic athletes, and respected artists—many of whom his organization Flow Research Collective trains. Listen and learn the role of flow in pulling off the impossible, how to become exponentially more productive, and how to innovate in mind and matter.

Grab Steven’s book here: https://www.stevenkotler.com/
Learn more about him here: https://www.harpercollins.com/products/the-art-of-impossible-steven-kotler?variant=32126584881186

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