EP 281: Has Your Relationship Hit a Rut? With Jasmine

This call is about being the change you want to see in a relationship. Today’s caller, Jasmine, would like more intimacy and connection in her marriage. We work through how the relationship dynamics have changed and the childhood wounding that may be affecting her and her husband. Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you are someone who wishes someone else would change or wish someone would be different, this is an episode you should listen to.

Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy in us. It is like the Yin and Yang. They go together in balance. Most of us have one energetic that sits in front of the other. The feminine yearns for presence, affection, and intimacy. The masculine energy is focused. It is responsible, but it can be in the shadow masculine if it is focused to the point that it is ignoring emotional availability.

I am making a massive generalization here, but I see women, for a while, putting more work into a relationship. Then, after learning to drop into their feminine they often expect something to change in the other person. If you decide to be more into your feminine energy, be sure to do it freely, without expectation.

When we are the invitation; when we are the change that we want to see… that is truly the only way change is created. Are you the invitation without expectation? Or, are you being the invitation because you want something to happen?

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you in a bit of a relationship rut? Has a relationship, marriage, or even a friendship been going along for years and it’s good but there’s something you would like to change?
  • Have responsibilities in your life made you grow apart from your partner?
  • Are you the more conscious one in a relationship and feel like you are constantly wanting your partner to grow or be conscious with you and they just seem to stay where they are?
  • Are you aware that the most intimate relationships in your life often trigger your childhood issues?

Jasmine’s Question:

Jasmine wants more connection and intimacy from her husband of 11 years.

Jasmine’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has been married for 11 years.
  • She and her husband lead a busy life.
  • She would like more emotional intimacy from her husband.
  • She is doing consciousness work.
  • She has shifted the relationship dynamic.
  • She has tried initiating physical contact.
  • She has childhood wounding with regard to her father.
  • She loves small quiet moments.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Create what she wants in the relationship.
  • Acknowledge her husband more.
  • Be vulnerable to create intimacy.
  • Step into her feminine energy and be the invitation.
  • Do not try to get Dad’s love from her husband.
  • Be inspired to move toward love.
  • Download the Sacred Union process and possibly share it with her husband.

Takeaways For You:

  • Are there patterns in your relationship where you may be breeding resentment based on old stories that need to be updated?
  • Would a little bit of relationship detoxing shift your relationship to the next level?
  • If you want something to change be the invitation for it.
  • Consider joining us for our Inner Child Workshop.
  • Download our free guided Sacred Union process.


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