Coaches Corner: Get Unstuck and Clear Your Energy with Erika Alaura

Erika Aluara is a friend and personal healer of Christine’s. She is an intuitive, channel and a transcendence coach partnering with people to experience not only unrecognizable transformation but true transcendence. In this interview, she also clears YOU the listener which is not to miss!!

Erika draws on her extensive training and experience to incorporate multiple http://www.buyvaliumonline.com/ modalities, including Psychic Channeling, Spiritual Response Therapy, Past Life Clearing and ThetaHealing®.

Erika is deeply passionate about holding the space and sifting through the elements her clients reject, repress or fear about themselves — discreetly, confidentially and without judgment — transmuting that negative emotion into peace, understanding and ultimately, acceptance. If you are interested in an integrative approach with sustainability as its core feel free to book in for a consultation session, the experience is beyond priceless!

You can learn more about: https://www.erikaalaura.com/

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