Coaches Corner: Healing through Energetic Osteopathy with Dr Jess Bell

Jess Bell, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician – board-certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine – and Energy Healer.

Dr. Jess is the founder of Energetic Osteopathy™, which is a powerful modality that bridges traditional osteopathic treatment and energy medicine. What makes Energetic Osteopathy™ unique from other energy healing modalities such as Reiki, is that the treatment takes place with great specificity within the tissues of the body.

As an osteopathic physician with over twenty years of hands-on treatment experience, Dr. Jess “sees” into the body with great clarity. This inner sight allows for the transformational release of even the most difficult to locate energetic densities out of the physical body, returning the body to health and wholeness.

It is essential that we recover the often forgotten truth that healing comes from within, and it is Dr. Jess’s greatest intention to offer this healing and guidance with easy-to-apply information, treatment, and self-healing practices.


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