EP 306: Why You Feel Rejected with Claudia

This episode is about rejection. Today’s caller, Claudia, experiences sadness when she feels rejected. We talk through her feelings of rejection and uncover them to be something she did not connect until this session. If you have a pattern of feeling rejected you will benefit from listening to this episode.

Many times sweet people, or big feelers, people who are more comfortable in sadness than in anger, hold stuff inside rather than confronting others.

Anytime we feel rejected, even as a child, there is a part of us that is really pissed off. We get angry when we are rejected but, many times because the hurt is so big we want to figure it out. The mind can’t figure out why a parent would ever reject us. No child can figure it out. A child can’t work through the understanding that a parent has their own issues. So we end up resenting the people who reject us.

Energetically if you walk around as a wounded child who was rejected it will be hard to pull in a person or match who fully sees you. But, by taking your power back, it will open up space in your life. When you have resentments in your heart it is hard for people to get in. They don’t want to be someone else you resent. Carrying around resentments can push people away.

As long as there is a part of you who hasn’t forgiven your family of origin, for being rejected, you will feel resentment. Forgiveness is not condoning, it is letting go of the judgment.Would you like to win a free 30-minute (unaired) session with me? To add your name to the drawing, leave a rating and review in your podcast listening app. When the review posts take a screenshot and upload it to ChristineHassler.com/review. I’ll choose the winner in the first week of August.

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Consider/Ask Yourself

  • Do you ever feel rejected? And, no matter what you do you can’t seem to get over the pattern of rejection?
  • How are you with anger? Are you someone who can handle sadness but when it comes to anger, that’s a different story?
  • Do you ever feel people don’t choose you because of who you are and you constantly try to be someone you are not?
  •  Do you ever feel like you’re rejected because other people feel jealous of you?

Claudia’s Question:

Claudia feels rejected when people are afraid to get close to her and jealous of her.

Claudia’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She recently went through a breakup.
  • She says men are attracted to her energy but afraid of her leadership.
  • She feels women are jealous of her.
  • She feels rejected.
  • She repeats patterns of not being enough and not feeling seen.
  • She retreats rather than confronting others.
  • A family member rejected her.
  • She feels sadness more than anger.
  • She tried very hard to be seen as a child.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Find people who are in alignment with her.
  • Deal with the anger she feels about being rejected.
  • Forgive herself for the beliefs that perpetuate the lens of rejection and resentment.
  • Do not make herself wrong or dim her light.
  • Give little Claudia a voice and allow her to be mad or angry.


  • If you deal with resentment, look at where you feel sad and rejected.
  • If you deal with a lot of rejection, look at where you may feel resentful.


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